Why Should I use a Toner?

 A commonly skipped and misunderstood step in skin care, toner is important to achieving healthy skin. A toner cleans deeper than most cleansers and also helps to clear the pores of impurities left behind by cleansers, make-up and other topical products; things that may have trapped dirt and bacteria on the top layers of your skin.  Toners also help to balance the skin’s natural pH levels and hydrate even the driest skin types. 

Gerda Spillmann has two types of Toners – Tonic sans Alcool and Rosa Alpina.

Tonic sans Alcool is an ALCOHOL FREE Toner.  This is important because Alcohol can over-dry and irritate sensitive skin.  Instead Tonic sans Alcool is formulated with pharmaceutical grade Witch Hazel and Oak Root Extract to deep cleanse your pores and leave only fresh, clean feeling skin.

Rosa Alpina uses a delicate blend of Rose Petal Oil and Coltsfoot Extract.  Rose Petal Oil can protect skin cells from oxidative damage, a natural anti-oxidant .  Coltsfoot Extract is a soothing and healing botanical, which gives essential nutrients to the skin.

Toners can also help to create a striking eyeliner that is still good for sensitive skin.  Dab your thin, eyeliner brush into Tonic sans Alcool and then into your favorite eyeshadow powder.  Holding your eyelid taught, draw a line as close to the lashes as you can.  Allow to set for just a few seconds and then you have a custom eyeliner look that will last all day!


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