Why Swiss Skin Care?

The Swiss are known for many things – exclusive private banks, delicious chocolate, towering snow-capped mountains, and their skincare products.  They are formidable experts when it comes to standards and performance.

All of our skin care products are Formulated AND Produced in Switzerland, a claim most can’t make.  The chemists at the Gerda Spillmann labs have mastered the technique of using ancient herbs, essential oils and timeless formulas while incorporating new ingredients and technology; giving the GS Line of products the highest quality and great performance.  Switzerland’s standards are higher than those standards found in the US, even under the FDA’s guidelines.  All products are produced in a clean room environment and only use 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients -for EVERY ingredient.  The GS Labs have met and exceeded all expectations of the Swiss Government who have rewarded us with the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence, ISO Certification and GSM Certification.   Every product is also tested and approved by the FDA here in the US and has never failed to meet any standard, of course that’s because our expectations are very high allowing us to provide you with only the best.

If you are ready to treat your skin the exceptional line of Gerda Spillmann products visit us at www.gerdaspillmann.com , email us at info@gsskincare.com or call our customer service team with questions at 1.800.282.3223.


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