Friday Feature: Makeup Artist Rochell Foust

Meet Makeup Artist Rochell Foust!

Truly an inspiring Makeup Artist, Rochell creates beautiful faces with the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup!  Read her Bio, check out the amazing pictures, and then be sure to visit her websites to learn more!

When I was little, my mother couldn’t keep me out of her makeup bag.  Little did we know that, at only four years old, the desire to transform myself into a Smurf by completely covering myself in blue eyeshadow was the spark that would ignite a passion about makeup and its artistry.  I never did make it as a Smurf, but I’m hoping there is still a chance to pursue my dream by becoming an accomplished makeup artist.  I’m completely mesmerized by faces – skin texture, bone structure, the shape of an eyebrow… each component working together to create a unique face that is different from any other one in the world.  It never fails to amaze me what makeup can do to a face, whether it’s a simple change in the way blush is applied or a complete highlight & contour.

My goal as a makeup artist is not necessarily to disguise, but to enhance and compliment the unique beauty we all possess.  Bio-Fond is a key staple in what I do for all of my clients.  Elizabeth Taylor once called it the foundation that could “cover a multitude of sins”, but it still allows you to shine through.  I love the lightweight formula, easy buildability, and the way that I never, ever have to worry about breaking out while wearing it.  It doesn’t create a mask on top of your face like some heavier foundations.  It just looks like your skin, but better.

I always feel like I’m in on some big secret as I continue to incorporate Bio-Fond into my kit.  Whenever I am able to add a new color in and share that with someone else, they never fail to ask me what it is and where they can get it.  It wears beautifully for photo shoots and gives the skin a soft, dewy finish that looks natural and fresh in real life.  It works for everything!


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