Looking Natural with less than Perfect skin

Envious of the Hollywood stars that appear to have effortless beauty?  Not all of them actually have the blemish-free, beautiful skin we all wish we did.  In fact many of them fake flawless skin!  You too can do this with the Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup – natural looking, available in 21 colors, and sets to a powdery finish.  Gerda Spillmann’s Bio-Fond Foundation allows you to look natural and will help to even out skin tone leaving you with flawless looking skin. 

For the most natural look, lightly apply Bio-Fond Foundation with a foundation brush, blending into the neckline. Add a little bit of mascara and lip gloss you are ready for summer’s hottest look!

Share with us your best natural looking photos using Bio-Fond Foundation!


One thought on “Looking Natural with less than Perfect skin

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