It’s Bridal Season – how to get a natural, beautiful bridal make-up look

Are you ready for a busy Bridal season?  If you are a professional or even someone looking to do your wedding make-up yourself there are some things you need to know, and others to keep in mind.

Apply a concealer that is just one or two shades lighter than the bride’s natural complexion and gently pat into the eye area to cover dark circles, to any imperfections you are wishing to hide, the tip of the nose, and if the bride has defined cheek bones, along the high ridge.  Next apply a high-definition ready, natural looking cream-to-powder foundation.  Cream-to-powder is going to give amazing coverage but will set with a very light-weight feeling, allowing the bride to not only look natural but feel natural too.  Bio-Fond Foundation is a silky, full coverage cream-to-powder that is easily blendable, lasts up to 16 hours and looks great under high-definition cameras.

Next focus on the eyes.  Start by applying a bit of foundation or an eye shadow primer to the lids to help eye shadows last longer and mask veins or imperfections that may be more visible with the thin eyelid skin.  Neutral shadow colors that are 4-5 shades darker than the brides skin tone, but match in cool or warm tones, is best to use all over the eye lid.  Follow with a lighter color from the top of the eye lids to the brow bone to brighten the eye area.  Then apply an earth tone brown in a sideways “V” shape at the corner of the eyes to help create definition and depth.  Curl the eyelashes and apply a coat of non-clumping, waterproof mascara; additional coats may be necessary for fair or thin eyelashes.

Cheeks should look slightly flushed without looking clown-ish.  Cream blushes are simple to apply, easy to blend and look great on any skin tone.  Using a clean blush brush, gently pat the bristles into the blush and then in a slight “C” motion apply to the apples of the cheeks, swiping up towards the hairline.  Gerda Spillmann’s Bio-Blush is ideal because it was designed by a professional make-up artist to work with every skin tone, giving beautiful, subtle emphasis.

Gently blot lip primer or a bit of foundation onto the lips to create a smooth canvas on the lips that will also help the color to last longer and prevent bleeding.  Follow with a matte lip liner and matching lip color.  Soft pinks are the most popular colors requested by brides.  Applying just a dab of gloss to the bottom lip helps to create an illusion of fuller lips.

Tips to remember when picking your make-up items:

    • Use an oil free sunscreen prior to make-up application and allow for full absorption (about 20 minutes) before applying foundation.
    • Apply make-up in natural light instead of artificial light; they can cast a yellowish appearance when applying make-up.
    • Avoid eye shadows, foundations, blushes and lip products that have shimmer or glitter because they don’t photograph well and can make the bride’s skin look tired, uneven or oily.
    • Avoid powders.  If the bride feels she needs to cover up after make-up application use blotting papers to absorb any oils.  Powders can leave behind a layer of light refracting particles that will make the skin appear ashy or give a white cast with flash photography.
    • 4-6 weeks before the wedding the bride should get a facial, increase her water intake, limit unnecessary sugars and greasy foods while increasing the number of vegetables consumed and begin a careful skin care regimen with regular cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.  Exposure to sun, smoke and environmental pollutants will increase chances of big-day breakouts.
    • Courtesy of Photographer Connor Berge


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