What is your Best Beauty Tip? What’s the worst advice you’ve ever heard?

Share your tips and stories with us! We are going to put together a top 10 list for best & worst advice! Maybe we’ll even throw in a few giveaways along the line too!

Comment here or send your tips/stories to info@gsskincare.com with the subject line: 10 Best & Worst


10 thoughts on “What is your Best Beauty Tip? What’s the worst advice you’ve ever heard?

  1. Sara Cheeseman

    my best beauty tip is to use all Gerda Spillman products-I started using them about 12 years ago and I am sure it almost completely stopped my face from aging…people tell me that all the time!! I use Hydropearls in the morning under my biofond and crimson then use skinfood at night-it is wonderful stuff and it feels awesome-I love how I can put on the biofond, and still look like myself without the blemishes!


  2. alicia m tripi

    Hello I am Film Make-Up Artist/Hairstylist Alicia M Tripi
    My Best advice for Make-Up Application is to Never reuse Make-Up Sponges. Use clean ones each time
    then immediatly dispose.You dont want cross contamination or any Bacteria near or in your Make-Up.
    Scoop out Gerda Spillmans Make-Up on Clean Paper or Glass Pallete and apply from there with clean fresh Sponge or Make-Up Brush for Application
    This also applies for Powder Puffs /never cross use from one actor to another/keep separate labled bags
    for the actors when Filming
    The worst advice is never use Preparation H as a overnight tightening creme around the eyes.
    Use Gerda Spillmans Moisturizers Periodically Day and Night as the Hot Summers days Deplete the skin
    from Natural Oils. Make this a Steady Ritual and within weeks you will Notice a Signifant Difference.

    310-869-0433 CONTACT NO#


  3. Gretchen

    Good advice…..I have been told to never use products which contained mineral oil…..though
    notice that it is the second ingredient in Bio Fond. What is your opinion on this issue?


  4. alicia m tripi

    Yes Mineral Oil is very Neutral /Good for some one who has Skin Allergies to Certain Products
    The Bio Fond has a certain Percentage of Ingredient that Makes it very Beneficial to the Skin.
    People have been taking Mineral Oil Internally for years /So Lubricate Externally and
    Internally to Prevent Aging of the Skin Inside and Out of our Bodies!
    Tip Of the Day /From Alicia M Tripi 310-869-0433 Hollywood Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist
    Men and Women give Bio Fond a try Daily and youll be Pleasently Surprised


  5. alicia m tripi

    Good Morning Seeking Beauty The Clean Way Do not Store you Cosmetics in your Bathroom for
    Damp Moist Areas are a Breeding gound for Bacteria.Growth . Always Clean Dry areas is the Best Place to Store them in Do throw away Mascara after use no more than a Year.The Perservative life is
    about that Long and again can be Breeding Grounds for growth causing of Viruses and Fungi There are many Health risks Dangers by holding on to any and all Make-Up to Long.
    Stay Fresh and Clean with Gerda Spillmans Products using the Rules of proper Care
    From Tripi World Stay Clean Always!!!


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