High Definition Make-up

Chances are that you have noticed your local tv anchors, sportscasters and other on-air tv personalities have started looking a little bit different.  Since the Digital Switchover took place imperfections are showing up under the gaze of High Definition equipment that can magnify pores, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and dry skin by as much as 6x.  Of course they probably look great, almost as if they have porcelain skin, if they are using HD Make-up like the Bio-Fond Foundation.  High Definition make-up has been used on the big screen for a much longer time, really becoming a must-have filming item in 2003.

Why the fuss over High Definition if you’re not on the big or small screen?  Because everyone wants to look their very best!  With HD Makeup your skin can look picture perfect and flawless for HD Photo Cameras, in unkind fluorescent lights of the office or in the soft glow of an outdoor patio.  Even those who are not in front of the camera all day can look red carpet ready!

Bio-Fond Foundation, like some other High Definition foundations, contain photochromatic particles which are small elements that reflect light instead of absorbing it, blurring fine lines and imperfections.  When the film industry started demanding HD Make-up Bio-Fond Foundation was one of the hottest items found on sets because we were HD ready before HD was popular, making us one of the first in the industry to provide flawless looking skin under new technology.  Used extensively in the filming industry for over the past 30 years, Bio-Fond Foundation has been a staple in kits of Makeup Artists who make our favorite Hollywood stars look perfect!

“I always use the Bio-Fond by Gerda Spillmann!  From photo shoots with the Tour de France Team to Reader’s Digest Traveling Chef’s to Top Politicians and many of the Hollywood Famous; Bio-Fond is a staple in my make-up kit.  I’ve been in the makeup film, video and print industry for almost thirty years. Gerda Spillmann Bio-Fond makeup has been a constant in my kit. As industry has changed to HD in film and video, Bio-Fond makeup continues to enhance skin and color tone like no other product on the market today. Complexions look youthful, dewy (not dry) and never over done on camera, no matter the age of the talent. I love this product!”  -Linda Balzer, Independent Makeup Artist

Fore more information on Bio-Fond Foundation visit our website.  We use only 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients with the highest quality.  21 Colors of Bio-Fond Available including blush.


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