In what order should I apply my skin care products?

Product order can be confusing – what’s first and what’s last?  While there is no wrong way to apply products we do have a suggestion for you.  After cleansing and toning (toner is an important step!) we recommend following the rule of thumb – lightest to heaviest weight.  Using the new anti-aging products from Gerda Spillmann here is a sample regimen that works for most skin types.

-After cleansing, pat dry your skin with a soft, clean towel.

-Apply the Renaissance Age Serum which is a silky, very light serum.  Apply in areas of concern and gently dab around the eye area.  Wait 2-3 minutes for this to fully absorb before applying additional products.

-Specialty products should be applied next – Eye Region Cream, Renaissance Active Oil (RAO) or Plantoseramin Lotion.  Apply generously and massage into skin with circular motions that help to stimulate blood flow.

-Apply a moisturizer for skin health; Renaissance Pro Age for intense anti-aging relief or Prestige Cell for deep hydration.  Massage into face and neck with soft, circular motions.  Using a moisturizer or nourishing cream at the end of your regimen helps to seal the products you have applied and essential moisture into your skin while keeping environmental irritants out.

-Follow with sun block if not applying a foundation makeup that includes protection from UV rays.  Bio-Fond Foundation makeup has an SPF range of 24-38 depending on color and application.

For damaged or very dry skin types you may want to add additional moisture products like the Coronation or Skinfood Ultra Vital.

For oily or problematic skin use the second step to apply products that will help to control oil and combat breakouts.  Try the GS Plantoseramin Lotion, Mayfair Matte Crème, or Cream Mask.

For sensitive or medically treated skin include products that increase moisture retention and promote healing, like the Renaissance Active Oil.


To see all of these products please visit our website or give us a call to discuss a regimen specifically for you – 1.800.282.3223


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