How to get Flawless (and Younger) Looking Skin

Wrinkles (a breakdown of collagen) and dry skin are the two biggest enemies to looking your best.  Fight back with quality products and with a little bit of skin preparation to feel confident about your look.

A younger appearance starts with a good skincare regimen.  Supple, well moisturized skin is the very best way to fight premature aging and fine lines.  Apply a quality moisturizer ten to twenty minutes prior to your makeup application, this will help to prevent moisture loss throughout the day and will provide a soft canvas for your make-up.  Make sure that it has completly absorbed into your skin before applying additional products.  For more about how to apply products in order visit this post.

Flawless looking skin starts with a smooth canvas and finishes with a quality foundation.  Make-up primer is ideal for most skin types, primer helps to make your application long lasting and remain natural looking.  If your skin is oily or problematic, switch to a mattifier instead of a primer.  Preferably use a water based primer which will work naturally with your skin; Silicone primers sit on top of the epidermis and can cause irritation, prevent the skin from breathing, and trap bacteria. Use four small drops and apply on your cheeks, chin and middle of your forehead, just above the bridge of your nose.

Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skin Care makes a beautiful cream to powder foundation that works with all skin types.  Using a large foundation brush or clean sponge, apply your foundation in the center of your face and blend towards your hairline and into your neck.  Brush strokes should be light and using upward motions to give you the most natural, complete finish.  Repeat this process 2-3 times for special occasion make-up to give you a buildable, fuller coverage look.

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