Get a sultry Cat-Eye with Cream Eyeliner

Bio-Blends Eyeliner Pencils are perfect for creating dramatic definition with a Cat-Eye effect because they easily glide across the eyelids, allow for thin or thick lines, and are forgiving of mistakes.

Start by making your eyelid taut by gently pulling at the corner of the eye towards the hairline.  Apply your Black Magic or Perfect Grey Eyeliner along the top lash line, as close to the lashes as you can, starting on the inside corner drawing towards the outside.  Next, add more depth to the line by starting in the middle of your lid and drawing towards the outside just above the previous line. Blend as needed.

When applying your eyeliner to the bottom lid start on the outside corner and work towards the inner corner.  It’s better for the health of your eyes to draw on or just beneath the lash line and not above to prevent product or bacteria from entering your eyes.  Draw the bottom line all the way to the inner corner for a dramatic effect, or just to the middle of the lower lid for a softer look – but be sure to blend it so there is no hard edge to the end of your eyeliner.

We suggest drawing the “wing” of your Cat-Eye in an upward motion.  Lines that are drawn down can make your eyes seem tired. To add a small, wing draw from the corner of the lower lid in a slight upward motion.  Do not draw the wings past your eyebrows!


Other tips to remember:

Apply with a relaxed face

Have Q-tips handy in case you need to correct a mistake

Eyeliner on the top lid should be a thin line at the inside and thicker at the outside corners.

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