How to Prep your face before your Makeup

For truly beautiful skin you should start before applying your makeup by treating issues appropriately, include anti-aging products, and nourish the skin with quality ingredients.

Treat skin abnormalities like dryness, acne or rosacea with proper products that will help to repair the skin and balance the skin’s pH.  Ignoring these issues can cause long-term damage or may make your current fight for healthy skin last longer.  Visit your Aesthetician or Dermatologist for diagnosis on your skin condition.  Finding the right cleanser is also very important for those with sensitive, combination or mature skin.  Cleansing products that have a low pH value (lower than 4) are more acidic – killing acne causing bacteria or irritants that may contribute to redness.

Want to look the best every age? Anti-Aging products should be applied starting in your 20’s!  Serums will give you the biggest boost of essential vitamins and wrinkle fighting power.  These serums, while potent against fine lines, are not very moisturizing so you must follow it with a quality, nourishing cream that will help to seal the serum into the skin while protecting it.

Nourishing the skin is the biggest and most important step in a good skin care routine, moisturized skin appears supple, soft and radiant.  Just like our bodies, the skin will respond favorably when hydrated and healthy.  High quality creams include naturally moisturizing ingredients that are absorbed by the skin allowing for smooth texture, clean pores and protection from damaging environmental irritants, UVA rays, and free radicals.  For a list of suggested moisturizers click here.

Get flawless looking skin before your foundation with this YouTube How To Video –

Check out Gerda Spillmann’s line of Cleansers, Anti-Aging products and quality Moisturizers here.

Have questions about your skincare regimen?  Leave a message or Email us!


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