Friday Feature – Celebrity Makeup Artist Veronica Lorenz

Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Veronica Lorenz.  She has worked on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides, the movie Bridesmaids, the tv show Castle, Glee, Saving Grace, Bones, Pushing Daisies, House M.D. and so many more.  For her full list of shows visit her IMDB at

What I love about Gerda Spillmann’s creme foundation is that it looks invisible – even on camera. I use Gerda’s foundation on film and high definition TV and find that it blends well on the skin and looks even and weightless. You won’t find a heavy or chalky look, instead the result is polished and pretty. Plus with the moisturizer, antioxidants and SPF, it addresses skin issues at the same time without being too heavy.

It is definitely one of my “go to” products in my kit. 

I also like the range of color choices, it works on pale to dark skin and the formulation works great for young to older skin. What I find with Gerda’s creme foundation is a smooth finish that I recommend both on and off camera.

-Veronica Lorenz, Make up Artist

Follow her Agent on Twitter at @robin_brandy for more information, on Facebook at or visit the Facebook Discussions Page ( to ask Veronica questions.


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