How to create a skin care regimen

Taking care of your skin with the right products and knowing the steps in which to apply them can seem daunting but it shouldn’t be feared! Here are some fool-proof tips to help you create a skin care regimen for your skin type.

Normal Skin Types – what does Normal mean? Typically most people fall into this category- those with skin that doesn’t seem tight & dry or really oily & shiny.  20-35 years old.

Dry or Sensitive Skin Types – If you suffer from tight, dry skin or have extreme sensitivity you want to ensure the products you use are not making these skin conditions worse. Often times those with sensitive skin started with dry skin and made the skin unhealthy with bad products and now need additional steps to regain healthy skin. 40+ but some conditions can cause dryness or sensitivity at any age.

Oily or Problematic Skin Types – Acne, black heads and shiny skin are all negative effects of oily skin.  Your body may process extra oil for any number of reasons including stress, hormonal imbalances or even years of excessive cleansing/stripping of natural oils.  No matter the cause, oily skin can be treated to let you look your very best.

Combination Skin Types – Although combination skin seems tricky, the rule of thumb is to treat dryness first.  With any skin type, moisture is the most important step to maintain or gain youthful, dewy, and healthy skin.

You can find every product we recommend here.

               Step 1 Cleanse

NORMAL: Use a cleanser with a moisture base, without any alcohol, and that leaves the skin feeling refreshed.  If your skin feels tight after washing you may be washing away an essential lipid base on your skin that protects you from bacteria and breakouts. Recommended products: GS Dual Action Peau de Fleurs Cleanser

DRY OR SENSITIVE: Use a gentle cleanser that does not foam and adds moisture to the skin, retaining suppleness.  Exfoliating products should be used only 1-2 times per week. Recommended product: GS Peau de Fleurs Cleansing Milk

OILY: Cleansers that leave your skin feeling dry make feel like they are deep cleansing but they can also be causing more damage.  Tight, dry skin that is void of moisture or natural lipids actually creates an environment that prevents the skin from protecting against bacteria, free-radicals and may increase the rate at which wrinkles appear.  Those with oily, problematic skin need to exfoliate and cleanse often while maintaining base moisture.  Consider using a Toner that will help to flush bacteria from the skin without drying it out.  Recommended products: GS Peau de Fleurs Cleanser with exfoliating beads or the Peau de Fleurs Beauty Bar with natural oatmeal extracts.

               Step 2 Anti-Aging

NORMAL: Apply light-weight serums and anti-aging products after cleansing but before moisturizing to ensure that this active products are closest to the skin with moisturizers applied afterwards to help seal them into the skin. Recommended products: GS Renaissance Age Serum

DRY OR SENSITIVE: Anti-aging products are a must have for dry skin because dry skin is statistically the first to wrinkle and may age faster than normal.  Be sure to know what ingredients you are applying with your products – some popular but not quality ingredients can burn or irritate sensitive skin. To assess what ingredients to avoid we recommend visiting your Dermatologist.  Recommended products: Renaissance Age Serum or Renaissance Pro Age.

OILY: Some good news for those with oily skin, typically they are the last to show wrinkles! It is still important  to start with a good anti-aging product in your mid-20’s to fight back any crow’s feet where the skin is thinner.  Recommended products: Renaissance Age Serum or Prestige Cell.

               Step 3 Moisturize

NORMAL: Liberally apply a moisturizer or nourishing cream to the skin a minimum of twice daily.  Including this step in the morning, before applying makeup, is critical in adding a layer of protection to assist the skin throughout the day from sun damaging free-radicals, environmental irritants, even stress.  Recommended product: GS Skinfood Ultra Vital

DRY OR SENSITIVE: Generously apply a moisturizer with a heavy lipid base and long-staying power.  Moisture content is the most important step to gaining healthy skin that is protected from damaging irritants, free-radicals and wrinkles.  If your skin is fully absorbing your products and your skin still feels dry, add another layer or blend it with an essential oil.  Recommended products: Prestige Cell, Skinfood Extra Riche and Renaissance Active Oil.

OILY: Evenly apply your moisturizer all over the face and neck.  Apply moisturizer even in the morning before your makeup to keep the skin hydrated and protected.  Over time your skin will learn to trust that you will apply the moisturizer and may back off producing as much oil, but continue to moisturize regardless! Recommended products: Skinfood Ultra Vital or Prestige Cell

               Step 4 Daytime or Night-time

Makeup for Daytime

NORMAL: After your Step 3 Moisturizer has fully absorbed (about 2 minutes), apply your makeup – Hydro Pearls Makeup Primer, Bio Fond Foundation, Bio Blush, eye products and lip products.

DRY OR SENSITIVE: Use a moisture based foundation makeup like, Bio Fond Foundation, to help seal the skin’s moisture content and give your makeup a flawless, dewy appearance.

OILY: Avoid makeup primers with silicone and any products that are shimmery, they will make your skin appear more oily.  Applying blush can also help to conceal oily skin; Cream blush will last all day.

Anti-Aging & Nourishing Creams for Night-time

NORMAL: At night apply additional anti-aging nourishing creams that will boost your body’s natural rejuvenation process of the skin.  Recommended products: Renaissance Pro Age

DRY OR SENSITIVE: Cover your entire face and neck with a rich, creamy moisturizer that will deeply hydrate and will continue absorb throughout the night, aiding the skin in its natural rejuvenation process.  Consider including an essential oil combination that will add to the skin’s lipid base.  Recommended products: Renaissance Pro Age, Renaissance Active Oil and Prestige Cell.

OILY: Treat your skin to a blend of creamy moisturizer and anti-aging that not only helps to hydrate the skin but provides it with anti-oxidants to fight back against free radicals and bacteria that can develop throughout the night. Recommended products: Prestige Cell, Skinfood Extra Riche


Remember that as you age, your body changes.  You may have been the person with oily & troubled skin as a teenager but now suffer from dryness.  These changes are natural.  Be sure you adjust your regimen as you see these changes in your skin; don’t be afraid to add more moisture.

For more information about Gerda Spillmann’s line of Pharmaceutical Grade Products visit our website or call us at 1.800.282.3223.


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