How to choose Warm or Cool for your Foundation Make up

Bio-Fond Foundation Warm or Cool Color Breakdown

All skin tones fall into 1 of 2 categories – Warm or Cool.  To determine which category consider these general guidelines:

  • Cool skin will have Pink or Blue undertones; veins appear blue in your skin
  • Warm skin will have Yellow undertones; veins appear green in your skin
  • Cool skin looks best with silver or platinum accessories
  • Warm skin looks best with gold accessories


Cool or Pink Undertones






Top Chic*

Après Ski

Bronze Special





Yellow Undertones


Alpen Glow


Light Ebony


Color Correctors



 *Top Chic is considered by many top makeup artists to be extremely versatile like a neutral; and is used on many famous faces.

    BioFond Color Collection 2011

Tips when trying foundation colors:

  1. Test the foundation color on your jawline, not your wrist or hand
  2. Stand in or near natural light from a doorway or window to see if the color matches
  3. Take a sweater, cardigan or shawl with you so you can hold up different material colors near your skin, to make sure your foundation matches no matter what you’re wearing.

You can order samples of the Bio-Fond Foundation by calling us at 1.800.282.3223.  For more information on the Bio-Fond Foundation Cream-to-Powder Makeup read this.


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