Skin Care Gifts for Men

There are many different types of men in my life and finding holiday presents is hard but this year I decided to give them the gift of skin care, adding to the pressure of finding just the right product!  Here I have broken down these types of men and what products I’ll be wrapping for them.

The Masculine Type – “Skin Care is for Girls”

Typically a little bit older, before the men skin care boom, these men don’t understand that moisturizers are unisex.  Regardless of age, race or skin type, moisturizers are the keystones to healthy skin.  Even if the man in your life is proud of his “I worked hard for these wrinkles” look, he probably still doesn’t want to look dried out, haggard and with sallow skin.  I have chosen to give this man in my life the Gerda Spillmann Skinfood Ultra Vital.  Light weight, unscented, and effective.  The Tamarind Seed Extract in this product will help to keep his skin hydrated for hours, in case he “forgets” to reapply.

The I Know I Should Type – “I know I should apply skin care but…”

Stop letting him come up with new excuses to not take care of his handsome face!  This type of man is typically easier to convince to try a moisturizer, and once you give him the Gerda Spillmann Prestige Cell, he’ll be the guy getting all the compliments for looking great at his age (no matter how old we are, don’t we always get that comment?!).

The Type who uses the Wrong Stuff – “I am using moisturizer, that I got for $4 at the corner store…”

I just love these men so much that I want to pinch them! First, congratulate this man for taking care of himself.  Then show him why quality ingredients matter, click here for good reasons. Next surprise this intelligent man with Renaissance Pro Age, the very best in Swiss Skin Care, that will keep his skin healthy and younger looking, especially through these cold winter months.

Hurry over to our website to order the product just right for all the men in your life and take advantage of the $20 Off Offer we have right now.

Do you have another type of man in your life you need help picking the right product for?  Leave a message here or ask us on Facebook.


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