DIY Steps for a Hydrating Facial at Home

Has it been a long day?  A long week?  Nothing helps to soothe my winter skin (and soul) better than a facial.  How do you do this without going to the spa every week though?  Follow these steps with GS Products, things you already have at home, to DIY.

Wash the day off.  The makeup and Free-Radicals too.  Start with a gentle, non-foaming cleanser that will whisk away all the contaminants and surface bacteria from your skin.  Wash all the way to your hairline and down your neck, even behind your ears.

Do it Again.  But this time wash it with a moderate, exfoliating scrub that contains both AHA and physical exfoliation to clean your pores and remove any left behind dead skin cells.  Starting to feel better already, huh?

Go Deep.  Using a toner wasn’t just for our mothers, it is a necessary and important step that shouldn’t get skipped.  Toners help to prime the skin by deep cleaning, give us an additional level of anti-bacterial control and help moisturizers absorb deeper into the skin.  If you have sensitive skin look for one without alcohol, if you have oily or problematic skin a toner with Rose Petal Oil will help to calm and soothe the skin.

Thin like Skin.  Apply your Anti-Aging products with the lightest weight consistency first.  Products with silky, serum textures should be the closest products to your skin to help with their absorption and by following this step with a moisturizer you help to seal these potent products in giving better protection to long-lasting effects.

Lay it on Thick.  A pearl sized drop is enough to cover your face and neck with the concentrated moisturizer formulas from GS.  However, when taking the time to spoil your skin add a drop or two of the RAO Oil, apply generously, and then repeat with another moisture layer in 20 minutes.


Do you have other tips for facials at home with GS?  Leave us a message here!  You can also call us at 1.800.282.3223, email us, visit us at or join us on Facebook.


Here’s to looking good in 2012!  Happy New Year!


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