New! Renaissance Pro Age Amino Acid Complex Moisturizer

Renaissance Pro Age is the ideal product for aging, damaged or undernourished skin with a unique proprietary blend of Amino Acids, Swiss Edelweiss, and natural age fighting extracts from Wild Yam, Lemon, Cucumber and Avocado.

This is a decadent cream that quickly absorbs to help dry and damaged skin feel revitalized and look more youthful by hydrating and repairing the skin’s cells with an Amino Acid Complex.

Proline Amino Acids found in Renaissance Pro Age, are crucially needed for collagen production. This provides the skin’s cells with cellular repair maintenance and aids in cell reconstruction to improve skin texture, elasticity and hydration.  Amino Acids are naturally found within our bodies to protect joints, produce cartilage, keep muscles flexible and break down proteins to create new, healthy cells.  Proline is biosynthetically derived from enzymes that allow topical products to absorb quickly and deeply into the epidermis.  These cutting edge Proline Amino Acids improve skin texture allowing skin to appear more youthful, radiant and with less wrinkle or fine line depth.

Renaissance Pro Age also contains Swiss Edelweiss, found to be twice as potent at Vitamin C, which works to eliminate free-radicals that are caused by UV exposure, environmental irritants and even the process of aging.  Renaissance Pro Age is Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free and Animal Testing Free.  All GS Products have received the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence.

Initial reviews on this advanced cream have been given glowing approval for the improvement seen in the skin in just a few weeks.  Brittany Harris, an industry expert and Master Esthetician, who is sought after for her extraordinary ingredient knowledge has called Renaissance Pro Age “the newest and greatest anti-aging cream for anyone over 25.”

For more information visit our website, call us 1.800.282.3223 or send us an email.


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