Professional Hair Tools with Shiny Titanium & Infrared

GS Products has teamed together with ProFashion Professional Hair Products to introduce an exceptional line of hair tools and products to wholesale and consumer clients.  Designed for the professional but easy enough for anyone to use, these stand-out ionic tools make it easy to style hair in a variety of ways with less time, while sealing hair cuticles providing strength and shine.

8 professional grade hair tools are manufactured with the highest quality parts, including shiny titanium, tourmaline, and far-infrared technology.  The craftsmanship of each tool is reflected in every piece and backed with a warranty, giving customers years of carefree operation.

Titanium plates allows for faster heat, up to 450°.  Titanium plates are also scratch resistant, allowing your flat iron treatments to be snag and hassle free.  Even distribution of the far-infrared heat helps to soothe, smooth and seal hair cuticles leaving the user with frizz free, shiny hair. Titanium works to enhance they hydration of each hair strand, leaving it softer and healthier with a boost of negative ions.  These negative ions work rapidly to improve the health of hair strands by neutralizing the positive charge that allows hair pores to remain open, causes a loss of hydration and leaves hair feeling brittle.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that generates negative ions, enhancing the texture of the hair by treating the core of each hair strand first, effectively moving from the inside to the outside of the hair, causing less damage.  This permanently negatively charged stone also produces negative ions for far-infrared heat.   Tourmaline can be found in each of the curlers from the line of professional products now available from GS Products.

Far-Infrared heat technology is a breakthrough way to apply heat to hair strands, preserving the integrity of the hair shaft, sealing damaged cuticles and penetrates the hair’s damaged cells restoring healthy shine and beauty.

In addition to these cutting edge technologies, GS Products is providing clients with must-have hair treatment products and stylish accessories.  All ProFashion Professional Hair Styling Products can be found at and retail starting at $69.00

WWW.GERDASPILLMANN.COM or 1-800-282-3223


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