Why silicone make up is bad for your skin

There is an ongoing debate in the beauty world about whether or not silicones are bad for your skin.  Some make up products use this controversial ingredient because it’s cheap to produce and imparts a slick feeling to the skin.

The truth is that silicone is a particle that is to large to be absorbed by the skin but also impervious to soap and water; this keeps in any sebum, dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria that may already be on the skin trapped and prevents you from effectively washing it off. Once the skin is irritated, it will breakout.  It’s never good to seal out moisture, prevent absorbtion of other skin care products and it has been shown to possibly clog the hair follicles (blackheads).

Silicone based products create a short term illusion, but a longterm skin care nightmare.  Prolonged use of silicones may also lead to allergic reactions, development of skin conditions like Rosacea and more.

A recent UK Study found that Silicone Oils can clog the skin, they lay on the top layers like “plastic wrap”, and may cause tumors (Organic Natural Living by Narelle Chenery).

Avoid the cheap tricks, dirty makeup and inevitable skin care problems by using a 100% Pharmaceutical Grade makeup that meets the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence and exceeds every FDA requirement – the Bio Fond Foundation by Gerda Spillmann.  Bio Fond is a mineral based cream to powder anti-aging foundation make up.  Silicone Free, Animal Cruelty Free and naturally good for you.

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