5 Steps to Apply Bronzer for a Summer Kissed Glow

Summer is finally upon us and more than ever we want to look tanned without actually exposing our delicate skin to the harmful, damaging rays of the sun.  So we turn to our favorite summer makeup product, Bronzer.

A few tips to remember when picking your bronzing color; a) choose a color with the same undertone as your foundation, b) cream bronzers are the easiest to use because they blend so well and can be the most forgiving if you apply too much, c) pick one that is only 3-4 shades darker than your foundation, d) the point is to warm and gently “kiss” your skin, not to give you a full on different skin tone color.

Step 1- The first step to apply your bronzer is actually to create a base with your foundation.  Apply your foundation evenly and blend where necessary.  Allow this to set for 3-4 minutes before applying bronzer.

Step 2- Choose a large, round, loose brush.  Kabuki’s are a favorite to use because the looseness of the bristles allows for a softer application; tightly packed bristles will lend a dense application of color that is harder to blend.

Step 3- Gently tap your brush into the bronzer color.  Dot or pat three small circles across your cheekbones and towards your hairline.  Using circular motions blend these three dots together with your brush moving from the center of your face towards your hairline.

Step 4- Tap your brush into your bronzer color again and then lightly apply across the bridge of your nose, chin and top of your forehead.  Do this lightly so that you don’t over color your face – remember we’re looking for a soft, kissed look.

Step 5- Check out the color application in natural light near a window before leaving, just to ensure everything is well blended and the color isn’t too strong.  Now you’re done!

We recommended the following colors to use as bronzers with your Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Foundation:

  • Light Skin with Pink Undertones (Weekend through Csardas) : Use Top Chic
  • Light Skin with Yellow Undertones (Praline through Alpen Glow) : Use Bijou
  • Medium Skin (Limelight through Apres Ski) : Use Bronze Special
  • Dark Skin (Light Ebony through Autumn) : Use Sable


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