What is Swiss Edelweiss?

Native to the high altitude alpines of the Swiss mountains, Edelweiss grows in a very harsh climate with strong UV rays, low atmospheric pressure and extreme temperatures.  Thousands of years under these conditions, Edelweiss has evolved into a powerful metabolic herb.  Leontopodium Alpinum is the official name for Swiss Edelweiss.  This highly soothing herb contains anti-inflammatories (bisabol), immunity boosting and healing properties (beta-sitosterol) and helps to increase cellular respiration (glucoside).

Used in traditional medicine, Edelweiss has treated a variety of maladies from respiratory disease, has been used as an anti-inflammatory and is even dried and blended with tea for reducing stress.

Edelweiss extract has been shown to have potent antioxidant activity with a Radical Protection Factor of 286 – which is twice as much as Vitamin C.  Eliminating free radicals helps to limit the damage caused to our skin by UV rays and environmental irritants.  If this extract wasn’t already impressive, consider this-

Swiss Edelweiss has been shown in laboratory studies to protect our skin’s natural collagen, allowing our skin to maintain a younger looking appearance.

Gerda Spillmann, one of the original skin care companies in the world, has be given unprecendent access to this exlusive natural, pure and amazing ingredient.  GS Products only uses Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients and this highly refined extract is ideal for use with all skin types, even those with highly sensitive or irritated skin.

Find Swiss Edelweiss in these products:

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