Baby it’s Hot outside! Tips for helping your makeup last thru the summer days

It’s been a scorching summer so far – and today is only the first official day of summer!

So how do you make your makeup last all day?  Makeup Artist Lisa Frehner gives us her advice.

#1 – Hydrate your skin!  Often times we neglect to moisturize our skin during the warm summer months but this time of year is just as critical as the winter – going from the warm, humid air outside to the dry blast of cold air inside is hard on our skin!  Apply a lightweight, concentrated formula in the morning and again before bed.  When applying your moisturizer in the morning, do so about 5-10 minutes before your makeup; this allows the emollients, vitamins and hydrating properties to deeply absorb and will be less likely to adhere to your makeup base.  This is my favorite light moisturizer I use all summer long!

#2- Use a light hand.  Caking on your makeup, layer after layer, gives slip to each layer building up to the big slide off.  Instead of doing a complicated eye shadow look – go for a more natural finish with just 1 or 2 shadow colors, eyeliner and a touch of mascara.  Use bronzer and blush with a light application – preferrably a brush.  The Bio Blends Eyeliner Pencils from GS are perfect for summer – made with beeswax so they won’t smear, smudge or stray.

#3- Carry oil absorbant papers – these handy little packets are great for throwing into your purse and carrying everywhere!  They’re easy to use too – just dab them on your skin when you’re feeling a bit shiny and the oil/prespiration/etc soaks right into it and then simply throw it away – all while your makeup stays in place – no touchups required!

#4- Keep your hands to yourself!  Don’t touch your face – the more you do so, the more germs, bacteria, etc that you spread to your face.  When these foreign contaminents are introduced to your pores your skin will kick into overdrive trying to identify, eliminate and trap them.  You’ll also be less likely to become a victim of makeup transfer, if you’re not touching your face.

Of course while water intake doesn’t directly effect the way your makeup stays in place, please keep hydrated this summer.  Water consumption does directly effect the way your skin looks, and we all want it to still be beach ready in another 30 to 50 years.

For more information on the line of makeup and skin care products from Gerda Spillmann, visit their website.  Join us on facebook too – a free product giveaway is coming soon!


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