Celebrity Makeup Artists tips for Beautiful Eyes

Applying eyeshadow can be a beautiful, easy way to make a statement and to complete a look.  Read on for ways our professional Makeup Artists apply products to make any skin type, skin color have stand out eyes!

  1. Use concealer.  Your concealer color should be lighter than your normal foundation base color but not so light that it will show through your foundation.  Using a highlighter/concealer  will brighten the eye area, hide dark circles and help create a uniform skin tone throughout.
  2. Prep your eyelids.  You can use a primer if you have oily eyelids but for most people using your foundation base is the best secret to flawless, long-lasting eye color.  Gently dab your Bio Fond Foundation into the corner of your eye and blend across the eyelids to the outer corners.
  3. Use a dark eyeliner color to enhance your natural eyes by contrasting against your pupils and the whites of your eyes.  GS recommends using cream eyeliners for all day beauty because liquid can be messy and then fade quickly; gel liners will chip and flake.  We have 8 beautiful colors here.
  4. When you apply your eye shadow use the lightest color first and all over, up to your eyebrows.  Then layer the accent colors on top by applying in a sideways V and blending with a small brush.
  5. To add the glam apply your shimmer color last.  Gently blend it over your eyeshadow colors starting at the inside corner and blending towards the outsides.

6. Curl your lashes!  Here’s a cheap, hot secret – warm your eye lash curler with your blow dryer before using it.  Doing this helps the heat to curl your lashes faster and make sure they stay curled longer.

7. Apply mascara by lightly pressing the wand against the base of your eyelashes and slowly pulling it all the way thru the lash ends.

8. Mind the brows!  Pay attention to your eyebrows, natural and soft arches are the most flattering on anyone but look for strays and apply clear eye brow gel if they need some help staying in line.  Apply clear gel at the insides and brush through to the outside edges.

9. Add Blush – color in the cheeks gives you an overall appearance of a healthy glow and will help to create a balanced look that will bring attention to your eyes.  Apply your cream blush  on the apples of your cheeks (the round area that stands out when you smile) and blend towards your temple/hairline.

10. Use neutral lipstick or a matte gloss to finalize your makeup but use colors that won’t draw away from your beautiful eye makeup you have completed!

Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skin Care & Cosmetics is a 100% Pharmaceutical Grade line of products that is used extensively in the Hollywood market and a coveted product among Makeup Artists.  To see pictures, join the conversation or get more information join us on our facebook page or our website!



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