Is an Eye Cream really different than a moisturizer?

The resounding answer to this is Yes.

The skin around your eyes is different – it is thinner making it more delicate and vulnerable, while also being more prone to allergic reactions than the rest of your face.  Dry skin around the eyes is very common because there are fewer oil glands to keep the skin moist.  As you age and this sensitive area becomes more thin you are also more likely to see the underlying capillaries and veins resulting in the appearance of dark circles.  Exhaustion, allergies and other causes can also result in fluid retention giving you baggy, puffy eyes.  And those wrinkles?  They can show up sooner than you’d like because you always use your eyes!  Every time you look around, blink, etc those muscle cause the skin to move and those constant movements breakdown the skin.

With such a prominent feature like your eyes, make sure you use a product that is specifically created to combat all of these conditions.  Gerda Spillmann’s Eye Region Cream is formulated with 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients to not only soothe but also fight signs of aging.  Designed with pure, natural Chamomile and combined with purified Vitamin E this silky cream helps to hydrate, tone and tighten the sensitive areas around the eyes.  By improving the elasticity of the skin you reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

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Gerda Spillmann Eye Region Cream


4 thoughts on “Is an Eye Cream really different than a moisturizer?

    1. Yes there is a big difference in a moisturizer. I use moisturizer and serems for my face. For my eyes I use a a gel and other products. For dark circles. Prep. H is the best by far or if you are too embarressed to you that try cucumbers. Sorry I am disabled and cannot type well tonight.


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