New Gerda Spillmann Skin Care Kits

They are here!

You’ve been asking and we were listening.  Now available are 6 different Skin Care Kits that allow you to bundle & save!  Each of these kits has a specific focus to help you treat, correct or improve upon your skin condition.   There are 3 basic Essential kits and 3 incredible Premium kits. 

Essential Care Kit  includes our amazing dual action Peau de Fleurs Cleanser (cleans & exfoliates) and the Skinfood Ultra Vital, for hydrating and feeding the skin with essential building blocks of healthy skin.  For combination and normal skin types.

Essential Hydration amps up the hydration level of your skin by nourishing, protecting and invigorating the skin.  RAO is a blended essential oil that is constantly praised as being a miracle product.  Skinfood Extra Riche has Tamarind Seed Extract that has been proven in Swiss studies to out perform Hyaluronic Acid in skin moisturization.  Powerful indeed.  For dry and mature skin types.

Essential Anti-Aging is essential for anyone who is trying to defy fine lines, wrinkles and look better than ever.  Eye Region Cream is a sacred formula that includes natural Chamomile extract that not only helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but deeply nourishes the skin.  Purified Vitamin E helps to reduce puffiness and diminish dark circles.  Renaissance Pro Age Cream is a decadent 24 hour revitalizing cream with patented Proline Amino Acids, Swiss Edelweiss, and extracts of natural plants like Wild Yam, Lemon, Cucumber and Avocado.

Complete Care Kit is our first premium kit that includes 4 products – Peau de Fleurs Cleanser, Peau de Fleurs Tonic (alcohol free), Skinfood Ultra Vital and Hydro Pearls.  Start fresh every day with a combination of synergistic cleansing products with the dual action cleanser and the deep penetrating toner.  Then nourish and protect the skin with Skinfood Ultra Vital.  Hydro Pearls is a perfect water-based primer to give you the appearance of flawless skin before applying your Bio-Fond Foundation makeup.

Intense Hydration is dedicated to improving the texture of damaged, dry or intensely undernourished skin.  No one ones to have painfully dry skin in the winter and this exciting, premium kit will help to improve your skin texture in under a week.  To allow the hydrating products to penetrate start by washing the skin with the dual action Peau de Fleurs Cleanser that exfoliates & cleanses – sweeping away oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells.  Then apply the alleviating and almost magical RAO dry oil that delivers moisture deep into the bottom layers of the dermis.  Seal these ingredients in while allowing your skin to breathe with the Skinfood Extra Riche and finish with the Hydro Pearls to protect your skin throughout the day from moisture loss.

Last but certainly not least is the Premium Anti-Aging Kit.  This kit includes Prestige Cell, Renaissance Age Serum and the Eye Region Cream – three of the very best Swiss Anti-Aging products ever made.  Renaissance Age Serum is a silky, smooth formula that is made with patented Proline Amino Acids, Swiss Edelweiss and Tamarind Seed Extract.  The combination of these ingredients limits the loss of collagen, eliminates damage causing free-radicals, aids in creating new, healthy cells and will significantly improve skin elasticity.  Prestige Cell is an active anti-aging, nutrient rich and concentrated cream to improve the texture of damaged skin, give a significant lifting & firming effect, eliminate free radicals with anti-oxidants and balance the skin’s pH.  Eye Region Cream is luxurious cream with natural Chamomile to help your eyes look 10 years younger.

So while checking your list twice consider how you can help your loved ones look their very best next year.  Having a hard time with that certain male in your life?  Check out this post on skin care gifts esp for men:

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