Do you need a skin care routine?

Consistency is important when you consider the health of your skin.  Regular cleansing, moisturizing and protection allow the skin to regulate oil production, eliminate bacteria and minimize breakouts and sensitivity.

We will talk more later about the critically important 3 step process but today let’s focus on the first two steps – Cleanse & Protect.

Essential Care Kit

Cleanse – Throughly washing the face has the obvious reasons that you should do it twice a day – to wash away bacteria, toxins or germs, and remove any makeup.  There are also less obvious reasons that cleansing is so important – eliminating the build up of oil and dirt and gently exfoliating dead skin cells that may leave your appearance dull.  Washing at night helps to create a fresh canvas to allow your other skin care products to penetrate more deeply and be more effective while your skin works through its natural rejuvenation product at night.

Protect – Protecting the skin throughout the day helps to prevent water loss from the skin, helps to shield the skin from damaging environmental irritants and pollutants and maintains a balanced level of pH.  A well protected epidermis will lead to younger, more radiant skin throughout your lifetime.

To help with these two important steps GS Products has created the must have Essential Care Kit with the Peau de Fleurs Mousse and Skinfood Ultra Vital.  Together these two items help to create a routine that should be done every morning and night and can be used with any skin care type (normal, combination, dry or mature).  You should follow these with a specialty moisturizer or skin care product that you can find here (the third step).

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