Cream to Powder Makeup with Sun Protection

Does my Bio Fond Foundation have protection against the damaging UVA and UVB rays from the sun?  YES. Bio-Fond Deluxe

Bio Fond Foundation is formulated with Titanium Dioxide that gives you physical block protection.  What is physical sun block protection? And why is it different from a chemical sunscreen?

Physical Sun Block Protection

Chemical Sunscreen

Works by deflecting and/or blocking the sun’s rays.

Work by absorbing the sun’s rays and may cause free radicals which can damage the skin

Starts protecting immediately after application

Must wait 20 minutes after application before protection is effective

Cosmetic grade Titanium Dioxide could break out some skin types; GS uses only Pharmaceutical Grade which is non-comedogenic

May have unstable particles allowing for disintegration of the products

FDA approved and will not cause free radicals

Tend to be more irritating, can burn the eyes and more likely to cause allergic reactions

To learn more about the difference between Cosmetic Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade quality read this.

Bio Fond Foundation was first created almost 70 years ago by Madame Gerda Spillmann. who was a young Swiss entrepreneur way ahead of her time.  While on a personal mission to find the very best in skin care to diminish the appearance of chicken pox marks and cover them up she formulated the best in cream to powder foundation, which is still true today.  Bio Fond Foundation is created with a natural mineral clay base and is available in 21 different colors.

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