Skincare for Men – A Father’s Day Present for any man

Father’s Day is coming soon! What do you get that special man in your life? Pamper him with luxurious skin care since he already has everything else he needs!

Gerda Spillmann has an amazing line of anti-aging moisturizers that don’t discriminate between men & women – these fragrance free, light weight nourishing creams are perfect!  Often time men’s skin can feel more dry and start to show signs of aging faster because they may not apply moisturizers as often as they should, neglect to apply sun block and they don’t wear makeup to keep their skin protected and soft throughout the day.

Which moisturizers are right for his skin type?

Skinfood_Ultra_VitalCombination or Oily Skin: Skinfood Ultra Vital – Lightweight feeling, fast absorbing, and helps restore vitality and youthful elasticity to the skin with botanical ingredients including Tamarind Seed Extract, Swiss Edelweiss, Wheat Germ Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil.  Also ideal for skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema or Rosacea.

Skinfood_Extra-RicheDry and/or Mature Skin: Skinfood Extra Riche – This highly concentrated moisturizer feeds the skin with essential nourishing ingredients, invigorating dry, mature or damaged skin while fighting back the signs of aging. Rich with nutrients and malic acid, the Tamarind Seed Extract combined with organic, free-radical reducing Swiss Edelweiss, gives the skin exceptional moisture content. Hamamelis Virginia (Witch Hazel) allows for increased absorption, helping the skin cells several layers deep.

Oily/Combination and Mature, Damaged and Problem Skin: Prestige CellPrestige CellThis advanced moisture complex will balance the skin’s pH, improve the texture of damaged skin, build and retain the skin’s hydration with deep penetrating emollients and protect against damage with anti-oxidants from Swiss Edelweiss, natural proteins, and Pink Rock Rose. Tamarind Seed Extract gives unparalleled hydration which is the key to defending against wrinkles, making shallow fine lines disappear.  Also ideal for skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema or Rosacea.

Dry, Mature and/or Damaged Skin: Renaissance Pro Age – the very best in anti-aging moisturizers this decadent 24-hour Amino Acid Complex cream quickly absorbs to reduce the breakdown of essential collagen in the skin, reduces the Gerda Spillmann RenProAgeappearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin to protect, revitalize and repair the skin’s cells.  Extracts of Wild Yam, Lemon, Cucumber and Avocado combine with the potent power of Amino Acids and Swiss Edelweiss to effectively fight against aging and damaged skin while nourishing and protecting the epidermis.

No matter what his skin type is, GS Products has the right moisturizers for both you and for him.  Order them at or call us at 1-800-282-3223.

Join us on Facebook and tell us which moisturizer you will be buying for the special men in your life.


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