Makeup Artist Tina Earnshaw shares her secrets from sets Titanic, Spiderman2 and Ever After

Tina Earnshaw is a favorite Hollywood Makeup Artist who has worked on the sets of big movies like Titanic, Prometheus, MammaMia, Ever After, Spiderman 2 and Sliding Doors.

Titanic Prometheus Spider-Man 2 Ever After: A Cinderella Story

She is now working on the set of Exodus, due out in 2014, starring Christian Bale.  For this film Tina requested her more of her favorite foundation, Bio-Fond Foundation by Gerda Spillmann.

Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup has been a staple in my kit for many years.  I love this is cream-to-powder finish makeup for the variety of colors, the consistent quality and the beautiful, flawless finish it gives anyone I apply it on.  No matter the skin condition, skin problem or even the occasional blemish Bio-Fond Foundation has performed perfectly! My talent loves it because one application lasts for hours, even in the worst conditions, it gives them physical sun block protection and makes them look stunning in front of High-Definition cameras.  Bio-Fond Foundation has been and will remain a constant companion in my makeup artist kit. 

Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup is a cream-to-powder foundation that derives its color from natural clays, has physical sun block protection (not chemicals), has the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence award and meets the highest standards of the industry.  Check out all 21 Colors of the Bio-Fond Foundation here and call 1-800-282-3223 for samples.

tina earnshaw

For more information on Tina’s favorite makeup visit , Like us on Facebook or call us toll-free at 1-800-282-3223.


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