New Year, New Skincare Resolutions

GS New YearHappy New Year!

What were your resolutions this year?  Did taking better care of yourself make the list?  Our outward appearance show us signs of our internal health.


Some outward signs to be watchful for include:

Circular skin discolorations

Any area of the skin that dramatically changes colors in a short period of time can be a cause of concern.  From easily bruising to Velvet Plaque these can be serious signs of internal imbalance and you should speak with your primary care doctor about your concerns as soon as possible.

Flushing or skin redness

If your skin has started to appear more flushed, have a red cast or even appear to have a rash you could be seeing initial signs of Rosacea, Dermatitis or even Lupus.  If you have this skin concern, immediately seek help from a doctor.

Raised bumps or scaly skin

If you have raised, bumpy skin that appears reddish or purple in color this could be a  sign of Hepatitis C.  Other bumps, often found on the hands, can be an indicator of cancer.  Try not to scratch these areas even if they are itchy and immediately seek medical help.


What about less serious skin conditions like acne, dry skin or even premature aging?  These can all be helped with a great skin care routine!  In 3 easy steps you can create a routine that your skin will thank you for!

1. Cleanse/Tone & Exfoliate

2. Hydrate all of the skin’s layers

3. Protect from UVA/UVB and environmental irritants

Gerda Spillmann has made it easy to start the year right with a skin care routine by providing Swiss Skin Care Kits.  6 Kits available, one for every type of skin condition, routine and personal needs.  Check them out here.

Group Picture White Bkgnd small

How do you protect the skin?  Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup!  This skin care makeup not only helps your skin to look it’s very best but also hydrates the skin, protects against irritants and gives you physical sun block protection (no added chemicals).  Available in 20 different colors!  Call us for samples or questions at 1-800-282-3223 or purchase the Bio-Fond Foundation on our website.

Information in this post should no way be taken as medical advice.  If you have concerns or questions about potential health issues or risks please seek out your physician or doctor.


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