The difference between Dry Skin & Dehydrated Skin

Do you know the difference between Dry and Dehydrated skin?  Take our mini-quiz to find out!GSModel

1. Which one is a Skin Condition?

2. Which is a result of a lack of internal moisture?

3. This condition is a type like “Problematic/Oily” or “Combination”.

4. _____________ causes makeup to settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Crinkly, fine lines are a result of this: ___________.


1. Dry Skin is a Skin Type; Dehydrated skin is a Skin Condition

Your skin type is determined by how much — or how little — oil your skin produces.

2. Dehydrated Skin is the result of a lack of water.

“Dehydrated skin results from lack of internal moisture, whereas dry skin is from insufficient or reduced sebum production, from natural aging or health issues” says Anna Sforza, Director of Education at Somme Institute (ref: DaySpa Magazine, Jan2014).

3. Dry Skin is a classification like “Oily Skin” or “Combination Skin”

4. Dehydrated Skin causes makeup to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, causing those pesky crinkles to stand out instead of blend in.

5. If noticing dry, wrinkly patches show up suddenly on your skin causing your skin to look like crinkled paper, likely, your skin is very dehydrated.

Now that you know the differences, how do you combat dehydrated skin?  Hydration!  Both internal and external hydration is best.  Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day and applying a balanced moisturizer twice a day to clean skin.  Taking these simple, yet effective steps, year round is the best way to achieve beautiful, glowing skin.  Winter skin can be the result of weeks or months of hydration neglect combined with cold air outside, dry warm air inside, additional alcohol consumption, and too-hot showers.

Skinfood Ultra Vital

Gerda Spillmann’s Skinfood Ultra Vital is indeed vital to helping to balance the skin’s pH and keep hydrated skin year-round.  This silky anti-aging moisturizer helps restore vitality and youthful elasticity to the skin with botanical ingredients including Tamarind Seed Extract, Swiss Edelweiss, Wheat Germ Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. Tamarind Seed Extract is an antiseptic herb that is rich in citric nutrients, malic acid and potassium. Combined with organic Swiss Edelweiss, used for its natural anti-oxidant and free-radical eliminators, this unique blend of ingredients work synergistically to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin while stimulating the collagen to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

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