3 products + 5 minutes = easy, beautiful summer glow!

It’s finally summer time! If you’re like me you can’t wait to get outside everyday and bathe in the warm rays of the sun!  Of course while I’m soaking up all that Vitamin D I do not want to actually risk burning or tanning my skin.  In just 5 minutes I can apply my make-up for the day, don’t have to worry about touching up or make-up runoff.

The three products you need:

  1. Hydro Pearls Moisturizing Primer
  2. Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup (pick your shade from 20 here)
  3. Bio-Fond Bronze Special Petite

Bio-Fond Foundation make-up is a huge time saver!  Not only does it help to give your skin a flawless, even appearance but it has physical sun block protection in it.

Follow these quick, easy steps for a beautiful summer glow!

  1. Apply Hydro Pearls all over the face & neck.  You can use a sponge but I prefer to use my (clean) hands. Wait for this to totally absorb, about 1 minute.
  2. Using a brush (mine’s a small kabuki), tap the brush into your Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup and apply to your skin in small circles, blending outwards.  Start in the middle and work towards your hair-line.  Apply small dabs and blend for extra under-eye concealment.
  3. Using a bronzing brush, tap into the Bronze Special Petite compact and light apply in short, upward motions across the highest points of your face (nose, cheek bones, chin and/or forehead).
  4. Follow-up with your favorite eye products and a clear lip gloss.

Bio-Fond Deluxe

Ta-Da, you’re done! For more information about the Bio-Fond Foundation makeup visit our website, or read more about it here.  Find out more about our silicone-free make-up primer, Hydro Pearls, here.  You can join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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