Bio-Blends Palettes for Makeup Artists and Salon Professionals

New Bio-Blends Palettes offer Bio-Fond Foundation solution for Makeup Artists & Salon Professionals

GS Products, home of Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skincare & Cosmetics, is thrilled to introduce the new Bio-Blends Palettes. A customizable and practical approach for make-up artists who use Bio-Fond Foundation in their kits. Now makeup artists and professionals can have an easy to use solution for makeovers, not only on set or in the salon, but anywhere!

Bio-Blends Palette GSBio-Fond Foundation makeup has been a staple not only in Hollywood but worldwide. Our 70 year history has allowed us to develop a formula that is not only beautiful, but good for you. This amazing skincare makeup is pharmaceutical grade, animal cruelty free and offers physical sun protection – all while being high definition ready. Available in 20 colors plus blush, concealers and contouring.

The Bio-Blends Palettes are sleek and compact, a slim 8” L x 5” W, by 0.5” D that will fit into anyone’s makeup kit. Individual pans are 9grams and each Bio-Blends Palette will fit 6 colors. GS Products has no minimum order requirements, making it convenient to purchase not only the most popular colors but the hard to match skin tones as well.Bio-Blends Palette Upclose INTRO

The individual Bio-Fond Foundation Pans magnetically attach to the bottom of the Bio-Blends Palette ensuring that they will stay safely in place while being stored and while traveling. The lid of the palette folds completely behind the base allowing for easy access and grip. When closed, the lid magnetically snaps shut providing assurance that the product remains protected.

Bio-Blends Palettes are a Professional Only product and will not be sold to the general public. To order your Bio-Blends Palette call us at 1-800-282-3223 or if you have questions send us an email at


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