Natural Deodorant for Menopause

Deo Cream Deodorant is a highly effective deodorant cream, protecting against excessive Deo Cream Deodorantperspiration and body odor throughout the entire day. It is especially suited for sensitive skin and for application after depilation (ie: laser hair removal).

The GS Deo Cream has been formulated with the natural ingredient, Farnesol, which distinctly stands out from conventional deodorants. Developed in response the high demands of the consumers, professionals and doctors, Deo Cream offers safe and natural protection to the natural biology of the skin’s surface and to helps to maintain the “skin ecology” through an environment-friendly composition, it doesn’t block the pores but works to neutralize the odor of perspiration.

Farnesol is a particularly mild and natural but effective ingredient. It is found in plants like lime-tree blossom, rose, jasmine and orange blossoms. The extract from these plants guarantee a harmonious and gentle action on the skin, by effectively limiting the bacterial decomposition of transpiration, while showing a high degree of compatibility with the skin.

Deo Cream is an ideal choice for ob deomenopausal women because the long-lasting formula works all day long and will be effective no matter the time of an onset.  During menopause, hormones fluctuate and are the leading cause for increased body door. When estrogen levels drop a false message is sent to the hypothalamus telling us that the body has overheated. The brain then causes an increase in sweat production to cool the body and changes in body odor are a side effect.  Deo cream is even safe enough to wear at night!

This creamy texture that glides across the skin for an easy application.  This non-staining formula can be worn with or without sleeves since there is no ill-appearing residue left on the skin after application. The discreet fragrance is liked by women and men alike.

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