MUA shares a Masked Beauty Halloween tutorial

I’m Mallory Villagomez, I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 5 years and I’ve loved every minute of it! There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping people feel good about themselves by enhancing their outer appearance to let their inner-selves glow!

My education started at the Paul Mitchell the School and grew into a deeper love for the industry, leading me to continue my education by becoming a Master Esthetician at Mandalyn Academy. Relik Salon and Spa is where I call home among some of the best hair stylists, skin care experts and fashion forward people in my area.  Working with so many talented people has really opened my eyes to all new things.  Even through all the education and friendly exposure, I feel that my experience is evolving through the “hands on approach”, the more I do something the better I become, so I’m constantly doing photo shoots, in salon makeovers, fashion shows, trade shows and attending classes to update my education.

I absolutely love the makeup line I use, Bio-Fond by GS Products. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply and the fact that it’s pharmaceutical grade AND high-definition ready makes me ecstatic! The model or client never have to worry about their skin breaking out after a shoot and it looks fantastic in photos! I constantly have photographers ask me if my work is airbrushed. I also love that it lasts all day and that it has SPF. I’m all about sun protection!

Recently worked on this “Masked Beauty” project with a great photographer and beautiful model (their info is below).  This would be a great look for any upcoming Halloween Parties! 

Base of face-

Prime with Hydro Pearls by Gerda Spillmann (silicone free primer that is beautiful!)

I used all Bio Fond as foundation for this look

Contour with the Bronze Special

Highlight with the Highlighter

And Praline as the all over color.

I added more contour to this look after the praline right under the cheek bones to highlight the cheek bones a little extra.

And to complete the base I added the Crimson blush on her cheeks.

Eyes– prime with Urban Decays Eyeahadow Primer Potion

Using powder eye shadow I highlighted the eye just under the brow and in the inside corners of the eyes with a cream color. A dark brown shadow as a liner, a medium brown on the outer eyelid to start the smokey eye look and a light brown to fill in and blend the dark brown and cream for a smooth look.

Also using eyeshadow I matched her brows and filled them for a fuller look.

Lip– I mixed plum and red by NYX for more of a maroon color and added a touch of gloss for some shimmer.


For more of my other projects or to follow me visit-

Photographer info- Andrew Nicholson

Model- Betty Wayman

Check out all 23 Bio-Fond Foundation colors, concealers and blush at


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