Bio-Blends Palettes with NEW Mini Bio-Fond Makeup Pans

A few months ago we released the new Bio-Blends Makeup Artist Palettes – and you loved them!  But you asked for one more thing… Mini-Pan sizes!

We are so excited to let you know we have them now!  These Bio-Fond Mini-Pan’s have 3 grams of Bio-Fond Makeup and are the perfect size for concealers & blush!

bbp minipans

Mini-Pans pictures above, along the left edge: (top) Lilac, (middle) Highlighter, (bottom) Bio-Blush. 

Three Mini-pans fit snugly along the edge, between your full size Bio-Fond Makeup Pans and the edge of the magnetic palette case.  Ideal for the colors you use less of but that are still so important for your clients – Concealers, Bio-Blush, Bronzers.

The Bio-Blends Makeup Artist Palettes are a Professional Only product.  Please call us at 1-800-282-3223 to order yours.


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