Beautiful Boudoir Makeup Tutorial

Mallory Villagomez is a talented makeup artist that is sought after because of her creativity and skill that shows not only your glamorous side but enhances the beauty you already have. She is sharing with us some of her recent work and why she loves what she does.

I love being a makeup artist because I can express my creativity and I love seeing the joy it can bring to my clients. I am really passionate about the idea of Boudoir. I love helping women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

3 reasons to get boudoir pictures
1. You get to be all dolled up
It’s great being dolled up because makeup highlights and brings out your already amazing features and who doesn’t want that? Plus you also get to add a little color to add some definition, which helps especially in pictures taken in giving you a slightly more bold look

2. You get to burst out of your comfort zone
When you take the leap into deciding to do boudoir pictures it’s huge! But you get there and it’s such a care free environment that you forget every insecurity you’ve ever had and it’s just fun.

3. You’re worth it
You deserve to feel beautiful and confident!




Eyes: primed with Urban Decay eye primer, highlighted with a shimmer white eyeshadow, used a light brown on the lid towards the nose and on the outer edge of the eye lid and half the crease I used a almost back shadow for the smokey eye effect.
I used a gel eyeliner by Crown to create the winged look.
Eyebrows: I love using eyeshadow for brows because you don’t get the harsh line. I used a medium brown color on her eyebrows.
Lips: I used N.Y.X. Lip liner Hot Red with a clear gloss over top.
Foundation: Bio Fond Bijou, highlighter, and bronze special. Using highlighter to highlight jaw bones, cheek bones, bridge if nose and chin. Contour with bronze special just under cheek bones and just under jaw bones. Topped it off with the base color as Bijou.
I love that I don’t need to use any powder to set anything when using Bio Fond.

Previous work: InspHAIRation- a competition with avant garde hair and makeup
Multiple photo shoots including inspirations from Gatsby, rocker, gothic, Tim Burton, Post apocalypse, vintage, classic, Victoria Secret, and glamour.

My Instagram is @malloryv_hmua
Facebook is


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