Dual Action cleanser for soft, gorgeous skin

What is the hallmark of well cared for skin?  When your skin is freshly cleansed and bare, does it radiate health and beauty?

When you wash your face it’s incredibly important to use a product that cleanses deeply woman wash face-even the pores, won’t over dry, irritate problem skin or cause micro-abrasions with harsh exfoliation.

Deep cleansing ensures that bacteria and environmental irritants cannot be harbored and allowed to cause issues with your skin.  Exfoliation is a key to deep cleansing, forcing away the impurities and sloughing dead skin cells trapped by oil and dirt, even your makeup.

Excessive drying of the skin is a common problem with over-the-counter cleansers.  Your face should not feel tight and dry when you wash but you don’t want a heavy, slick feeling afterwards either that can come with some cleansers that use added fillers or silicone that don’t really clean the skin.  Over-drying the skin can lead to exacerbation of problem skin, further irritate sensitive skin and over time can teach the skin to produce excess oil (it produces more oil to compensate for the dry skin feeling).

And those face washes with crushed nuts or plastic beads… throw them away!  Did you know that these ingredients can have very fine, sharp edges that can cause micro-abrasions on the skin?  Tiny cuts that can become infected and may even lead breakouts.

The Peau de Fleurs from GS Products is formulated with the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients to allow you to have confidence in your beauty.  Peau de Fleurs is formulated with only pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are extracts from natural sources such as the Comfrey Plant and Tamarind Seed, which is highly regarding for significantly improving skin elasticity, hydration and smoothness.

Peau de Fleurs - Skin of Flowers


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