Highlight & Contour

Highlighting and contouring is certainly having it’s moment in the makeup spotlight.  These techniques however have been around for many decades and are considered standard techniques for Makeup Artists.

Highlighting includes using a lighter color than your standard foundation shade to help mask or conceal imperfections in the skin.  Contouring is using the illusion of shadows on the skin to help create definition.

Multi-ethnic group of young women: African, Asian, Indian and Caucasian.

Highlighter – The smooth, creamy consistency of this concealer blends perfectly with fair and medium BioFond Foundation colors! Use Highlighter to help conceal dark circles, splotchy skin, imperfections or age spots.  Lightly dab Highlighter, using a small, dense brush, your ring finger or flocked sponge, onto the areas of concern and then follow with your regular Bio Fond Foundation color.  Beautiful, natural coverage!

Lilac – This striking light purple concealer will actually set as a porcelain hue once applied to your skin.  This allows your skin additional cover-up for highly pigmented skin spots, scars or bruises.  Lilac will also help to counteract yellow undertones.  This highly demanded concealer will blend effortlessly with your regular Bio Fond Foundation makeup, giving you an even, natural looking skin tone.

Shader  – help define your face by contouring with the color Shader.  Contouring is a trick commonly used by make up artists to make a nose or chin appear smaller, a face to look skinnier or even to hide a double chin!

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