How to apply Cream to Powder Foundation Makeup

Cream-to-Powder Foundation Makeup is the best choice for any skin type because it allows for full coverage with a creamy, flawless and light weight finish that transitions between day wear and night wear without hesitation.  It is the number one choice of Makeup Artists because  Cream-to-Powder Makeup is also the most forgiving and easy to work with.  Cream-to-Powder is the most popular choice among makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike.

How do you apply Cream-to-Powder Foundation Make-up?

apply blushBrush – Applying with a brush is going to give you light, opaque coverage which is perfect for helping to even out skin tone and giving your skin a flawless finish.  Be sure to apply with long, light strokes to avoid any streaking with your brush. These are currently a hot brand that works well with Biofond Foundation.

square spongeSponge – This popular technique will give you more coverage if you are trying to conceal skin imperfections or for additional blending.  Using a lightly dampened sponge (with water or Hydro Pearls Primer) will give you more coverage than a brush but less than a dry sponge.  This is our recommended method and each Bio-Fond Foundation compact comes with a hypo-allergenic, non-latex sponge. Using a sponge is also ideal for buildable coverage.

fingertipsWith your Fingertips – Another way to apply Bio-Fond Foundation is with your fingertips. Please make sure your hands are thoroughly clean prior to application, to avoid contamination.  Your fingertips will give you the most coverage but also is also great for blending, since the foundation will soften into your skin from the warmth.

No matter which method you prefer, Cream-to-Powder foundation makeup is forgiving and easy to use!  With the included moisture base and sun protection, Biofond is ideal for every skin type from dry to oily.


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