Do I have a Cool or Warm skintone

Matching your skin’s undertone is the first and most crucial step to finding the right makeup for you.  But what is an undertone and how do you tell?  The undertone in your skin remains consistent throughout your life, it’s the most basic tone of your skin’s cells.  The outermost layers of our skin may change over time however, with age, sun, spray tans, etc.

Multi-ethnic group of young women: African, Asian, Indian and Caucasian.


That means that during the summer you may be a medium-warm (semi-tan & yellow undertone) and then during the summer your skin appears more fair-warm (not so tan/yellow undertone).

What are the undertones?

Cool – skin has a faint pink or red tinge

Neutral – neither pink/red or yellow/gold (not as common)

Warm- skin has a yellow, gold or peach hue

So how do you tell if you are warm, cool or neutral?  In three steps we will help you determine just that!


1. What color are your veins?

Blue -Purple veins indicate that you have a COOL undertone

Blue-Green veins would suggest you have a NEUTRAL undertone

Green-Olive veins is typically in WARM undertones

2. What jewelry seems to compliment your skin better?

Silver jewelry tends to look best on COOL undertones

Gold jewelry favors those with the WARM undertone

If you can pull of both silver & gold you may have a NEUTRAL undertone

3. Match the overall color of your skin

There are 3 parts of the body you have to think about: the face, the neck, and the décolletage.  It’s generally suggested to match the color on your neck or décolletage since it will often be a more true match.  You never want your face to be lighter or darker then your neck, that’s unnatural looking.

One more tip…. While looking at your skin and makeup do it only in natural light.  Florescent lights cast a yellow hue and some LED lights cast a red hue, sunshine is the best light to view your undertone.

Need a new foundation now that you know your undertone?  We have a great suggestion – Biofond Foundation Makeup.  Over 21 colors with all undertones from fair to dark!




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