3 skin care resolutions

It’s the time of year again!  Will you be making any New Year’s Resolutions?  Are you particularly focused on being healthier? Or improving your outward appearance?  If you are, you should adopt these New Year Skin Care Resolutions.


#1 – Hydrate

This is a topic that really gets repeated a lot.  It’s quoted so often sometimes we forget to really add it to our repertoire, to engage in hydrating actively.  There is a good reason however that everyone harps on hydration – it matters.  Keeping our bodies properly hydrated helps not only to flush toxins, balance our brains, but it also helps keep our skin blemish free, plump and soft and allows the skin to do it’s primary job- to protect us.  This is an great guide from WebMd to help us discover just how much water we should be drinking daily – click here.

#2 – Moisturize twice daily

Moisturizing the skin not only feels good, it does face cream cover girlgood.  By adding lipids, emollients and nutrients to the outer layers of our skin we can help to boost the defensive layer that keeps free radicals, extreme weather/elements and even some bacteria or germs out of our bodies.  Moisturizing the face & body twice a day is crucial to preventing premature aging and dry skin.  Apply in the morning, after cleansing but before makeup.  Apply in the evening as the very last thing before you drift off in slumber.

#3 – Protection

Sahara dlx croppedSkin protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays is critically important.  Free radicals that skate around on the surface of the skin can not only cause irreversible damage and/or cancer, but can also lead to dry, flaky skin that isn’t pretty to look at.  Biofond Foundation Makeup has a physical sun block protection (not an added chemical) that protects your skin all day long.


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