Match your makeup from MUA Dawn Mattocks

The ability to create a makeup base as, innovative, and refreshing as Gerda Spillmann has, with Bio-fond foundation, is in itself a genius aspect of color and design.

A Day in the Life:

As a Makeup Artist, I am expected to concern myself with the needs of my client… Choices, Choice, Choices…

Blending bases is an ART~

What does it take to match a skin tone to the perfect foundation base? First and foremost, we are looking for the UNDERTONE of the natural skin… Whether a base is considered COOL or WARM or even Neutral, all bases range from Light to Dark.

Gerda Spillmann prides themselves in creating a wide range of colors in their Swiss Formulation, that leaves a silk finish. Blending is the secret to a flawless finish and one must know how to add the right tones in order to balance the look from the base of the skin to the neckline.


I have found the easiest test would be to simply swipe a couple of tones into little stripes near the jawline… Look to see whether the tone turns pink, or yellow… Choose the tone that doest not CHANGE… That will be the tone that does not appear to oxidize or affect the finish. You will find it to be the easiest method to find the perfect tone.

However, I myself, have been contouring and highlighting the face in order to achieve the optimum results required for a natural finish… When you learn the bone structure and look at the great masters you will see how they use the contours of the face to bring out light and shadowing. You too, can achieve that perfect symmetry by using bases.

dawnmattocks2.jpgSahara, is the newest Bio Fond Foundation base to be added to the collection, and it can be used by itself for women of color, or as a contour for a lighter skin tone. If you consider the face sculptural, and use Sahara to contour the sides of the nose, inside the orbit of the eye, around the temples and in the contour of the cheek, you will be a able to see the face come alive once you blend the edges out.


The natural light falls into shadow at these points and the overall face will appear perfected. Try it and see how it works for you. My next article will teach you how to blend tones together to get the perfect color tone for clients who have discoloration in their skin…


dawnmattocks1See you, next time!

Dawn Mattocks

Makeup & Hair







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