Spring Break Skincare

Finally Spring Break has arrived!  All winter I have been looking forward to returning the beaches and warming up in the sunshine!  It’s also the first time my skin will be exposed to the great outdoors for any extended amount of time.  How do we protect our winter skin on these gorgeous sunny spring days?

1 – Start incorporating a physical sun block protector into your skincare routine. One that is at least an SPF 30 and includes zinc oxide and antioxidants.  Remember to use at least a tablespoon worth on your face and a shot glass worth on your body.  Sunscreen will not only help to prevent a burn and future skin cancer but will help to ward off hyperpigmentation -those pesky brown age spots that can pop up on your skin.


Swiss Brightening Cream - 50ml Tube SMALL

2- Use a Brightening Cream for those brown age spots you already have.  Gerda Spillmann’s Swiss Brightening Cream is formulated with 13 botanical ingredients that help to reverse and prevent the hyperpigmentation with clinically proven Gigawhite.  Substantial color changes were observed after just six weeks of treatment!



3- Exfoliate!  Sloughing off dead skin, scrubbing off excessive oil and dirt and hydrating the skin will help to give your skin a soft, radiant glow perfect for the season!  Use a gentle cleanser that will help to clean the skin with a soapy cleanser and a gentle exfoliator for the best results, leaving behind only fresh, clean skin.  Peau de Fleurs Dual Action Cleanser is the perfect skincare product for the task.



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