Skinfood; skin cravings decoded

Is your skin flaking? Breaking out?  Red and patchy?  It’s a cry for help from your complexion and we’re here to help you decode what you need to make peace with your skin.  irritatedskin copy

If you feel like you’re constantly trying to soothe skin issues, you’re not alone: “I notice that more women are coming into my office and saying they have sensitive skin,” says Francesca Fusco, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Indeed, over 50% of women categorize themselves that way. -Prevention Magazine

Tight and itchy skin

Avoid cleansers with harsh defoliants or ingredients that may over-dry your skin (like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).  Instead, switch to a cleanser that has hydrating properties and rounded or polished exfoliation pieces that will slough off dead skin and tough oils but won’t cause micro-abrasions on the skin that can lead to breakouts.  After showering thoroughly apply a nourishing cream that will keep moisture locked into the skin, allowing for more elasticity and avoiding the tight feeling.  At night, add a deep hydrating oil to your skin.  Doing this at night allows your bodies natural, restorative process that works while you sleep, to absorb the nutrients and vitamins to maintain itch-free skin

Redness or excessive flushing in your cheeks (Rosacea)

While this skin condition typically happens in your 30’s, when it happens it can be quite upsetting.  Doctors still don’t know what causes Rosacea but everyone agrees that protection is key.  Chemical sunscreens can actually further inflame and exacerbate the skin, instead opt for physical sun block protection from Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxides – found in Biofond Foundation.  It’s also critically important to wash and hydrate the skin every single night so that free radicals and pollutants from your day do not build up and cause additional damage to the epidermis.

Dry, Rough, and Flaky Skin

The American Skin Association classifies dry skin this way: “Dry skin, also called xerosis, is a very common skin condition that occurs at all ages. Usually, it doesn’t represent a serious problem but sometimes it can be difficult to treat. Moreover, it might be correlated to other skin diseases or associated to pathological conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, Sjögren syndrome, malnutrition.”

While dry skin isn’t uncommon, you can help to alleviate the symptoms with pharmaceutical grade topical products.  Hydrophillic (water-loving) moisturizers, like Skinfood Extra Riche, can help to preserve the skin’s natural lipids and limit moisture loss resulting in softer, hydrated skin.  Using a humidifer at night and taking short, luke warm showers will also help to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Breaking out

A sudden outbreak of acne not only looks but feels uncomfortable.  The causes of your pimples could be a huge variety of things from the foods that you eat, hormones or even stress.  While you may not always be able to avoid these life events, you can help to limit the damage by applying moisturizers and and drinking water.

Over-washing the skin during a breakout actually makes the problem worse, your skin becomes dehydrated and will produce additional oil to compensate.  More oil on the skin can mean more trapped bacteria and even black heads.  Keep the skin soft and nourished with Skinfood Ultra Vital and the breakout will be over before you know it.  Drinking your recommended water intake also helps by allowing your skin cells to attack the intruding bacteria or blockage and rid the body naturally of those contaminants, always avoid picking the skin!

Please consult your doctor or dermatologist for any skin condition, irritation or rashes that are unfamiliar to you as they may be a sign of underlying health issues.





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