5 Beauty Travel Essentials for Summer

Are you planning any trips this summer?  If you’re anything like me you just wanna get out of the office and want to spend some carefree downtime in the sun and by the water.  When I travel for fun, I tend to also be carefree in my packing (read: lazy) but there are a few beauty products I never, ever travel without.

There are some products I travel with regardless of the itinerary or destination: baby wipes, sunscreen, travel toothbrush and floss, eye drops and a healthy snack.  These I keep in my carry on or handbag so they’re always convenient!  Is there anything else you keep handy?

But when it comes to my toiletries bag, that changes constantly!  I want my lipstick to compliment my wardrobe, my jewelry to match, shampoo or dry shampoo, and my moisturizers I change depending on the destination (ie nothing heavy when going to Hawaii!).  There are 5 things that I always pack though, even when I’m lazy…

  1. Sunglasses.  Eye protection is so important!  Make sure to get a pair that protect you from UVA/UVB rays and that are dark enough you don’t squint, I don’t want premature wrinkles!  These are so important to me, I even pack a backup pair in my checked luggage – just in case.
  2. Biofond Foundation.  This cream-to-powder makeup is not heavy, evens out my skintone, can hide dark circles (red eye flights), and has natural, physical sun block to protect my face.
  3. Chapstick with SPF.  Burnt lips are no fun at all.  Glosses and lipsticks are fun, but don’t shield your lips from damaging sun rays that can cause hyper-pigmentation or even cancer.
  4. A one-color-that-does-everything pigment.  I love this loose pigment from Naked Cosmetics.  I can use it as an eye shadow, blush, or even mix it in with my chap stick for a great nude lippie.  Its so versatile and it’s small size is perfect!
  5. Swiss Brightening Cream. This gel based anti-aging hydrating cream is perfect for summer – it has 13 botanical ingredients that help to reverse hyper-pigmentation, balances the skin’s pH, and fights free-radicals on the skin.  An ideal travel companion, for sure.


What else do you pack for your summer vacay?  Leave us a message and let us know!

For more information on Bio-Fond Foundation or Swiss Brightening Cream visit our website or call us at 1-800-282-3223.


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