About the GS Blog

Thank you for checking out the Gerda Spillmann Blog.  Here we will talk with our clients about the amazing Swiss Skin Care products by Gerda Spillmann, share make-up tips, advice from Hollywood’s Make-up Artists and so much more!

Be sure you jump over to our website at http://gerdaspillmann.stores.yahoo.net/ to check out our full line of Pharmaceutical Grade Swiss Skin Care and Cosmetic products.  Join us on Twitter and Facebook too!

Twitter- http://twitter.com/GerdaSpillmann
Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gerda-Spillmann

We look forward to continuing our discussion about the skin care and beauty industry with you.


3 thoughts on “About the GS Blog

  1. Michèle B.

    Hello, I’m writing from the French speaking part, shores of Lake Geneva of Switzerland, home of this great Cosmetic company and…. believe me…the Gerda Spillmann products are so difficult to find here…just incredible! I use the Biofond since I was 25 (65 now) and I couldn’t go out without it!!! So happy to read that you’re fond of it too 🙂 !Cheers, Michèle


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