3 skin care resolutions

It’s the time of year again!  Will you be making any New Year’s Resolutions?  Are you particularly focused on being healthier? Or improving your outward appearance?  If you are, you should adopt these New Year Skin Care Resolutions.


#1 – Hydrate

This is a topic that really gets repeated a lot.  It’s quoted so often sometimes we forget to really add it to our repertoire, to engage in hydrating actively.  There is a good reason however that everyone harps on hydration – it matters.  Keeping our bodies properly hydrated helps not only to flush toxins, balance our brains, but it also helps keep our skin blemish free, plump and soft and allows the skin to do it’s primary job- to protect us.  This is an great guide from WebMd to help us discover just how much water we should be drinking daily – click here.

#2 – Moisturize twice daily

Moisturizing the skin not only feels good, it does face cream cover girlgood.  By adding lipids, emollients and nutrients to the outer layers of our skin we can help to boost the defensive layer that keeps free radicals, extreme weather/elements and even some bacteria or germs out of our bodies.  Moisturizing the face & body twice a day is crucial to preventing premature aging and dry skin.  Apply in the morning, after cleansing but before makeup.  Apply in the evening as the very last thing before you drift off in slumber.

#3 – Protection

Sahara dlx croppedSkin protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays is critically important.  Free radicals that skate around on the surface of the skin can not only cause irreversible damage and/or cancer, but can also lead to dry, flaky skin that isn’t pretty to look at.  Biofond Foundation Makeup has a physical sun block protection (not an added chemical) that protects your skin all day long.


Skincare Myth Quiz

Are you skincare savvy enough to tell the truth from the not-so-true?  Take this quiz to find out!

Mineral Oil causes clogged pores – True or False?

natural-skin-tonesFALSE.  This is a very common, very wrong, belief among not only average consumers but sometimes even in the professional field.  The simple truth is that pharmaceutical grade mineral oil is noncomdogenic.  Study after study, has shows that this occlusive, naturally occurring oil helps to decrease inflammation and helps to keep the skin hydrated.

100% all natural products are chemical-free – True or False?

Flower Extract Picture smallFalse.  Absolutely nothing is 100% chemical free.  Plants, Human bodies and even our food contain chemicals.  Natural substances can contain hundreds of chemicals that are present in their natural state – did you know that 1/3 of all prescription drugs are made from natural plant sources?


Tanning booths are safe as long as they don’t contain UVB rays – True or False?

You know that tanning in the sun is unhealthy and can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. But what about tanning booths? Tanning booth companies often say that they are filtering out the so-called “sunburn” UVB rays, says Jenny Kim, MD, an assistant professor of medicine and dermatology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California at Los Angeles. But when you go to a tanning booth, you’re still exposing your skin to UVA rays, which penetrate deeper into the skin and cause damage that can lead to premature aging and skin cancers. -WebMD

You Can Use The Same Skin Care Products All Year – True or False?

TRUE. It can be frustrating to think that each time the seasons change you need to change your skin care products but when it comes to winter that just might be true.  Switching to a richer, more hydrating cream just might be the difference between flaky, tight skin and smooth, hydrated skin.  Using creamy  dual action cleanser can also help keep skin feeling moist.  This is also the perfect time to add a hydrating serum or facial oil to your skin care routine so that your skin feels and looks great, even under the harshest outdoor conditions.

Eating Chocolate Will Cause Breakouts – True or False?

FALSE. Foods do not contribute to the prevention of, healing of nor theChocolate gathering cause of acne and breakouts. Stress, hormones and pollution causes breakouts. In fact, chocolate has been a proven stress reducer, so eat up. Of course, it is not healthy to overindulge in greasy and fatty foods. However, there is no reason to cut out these special holiday treats in an attempt to heal acne.

What is the recommended range of SPF protection you should wear on a daily basis?

Many experts agree, SPF protection between 15 and 30 is ideal for normal day-to-day activities.  Of course if you plan to be in the sun longer than an hour, you should apply a slightly higher SPF and reapply every couple of hours.

3 ways to soothe dry, chapped skin

We feel cold, but we don’t mind it, because we will not come to harm. And if we wrapped up against the cold, we wouldn’t feel other things, like the bright tingle of the stars, or the music of the Aurora, or best of all the silky feeling of moonlight on our skin. It’s worth being cold for that. ~Philip Pullman, Northern Lights

Winter is a beautiful time of year.  Unfortunately my skin doesn’t have the same attitude about the cold temperatures and biting wind.  The constant fluctuation between the cold  outdoors and the dry, warm heat of the indoors deals havoc on our skin.  To combat these conditions we have 3 ways to feed, heal and deeply nourish the skin.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


“Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled, which can be improved with proper hydration” –Kenneth Ellner, Dermatologist, WebMD

Water is essential for your complexion and your health, make sure you are getting the recommended 5-8 glasses per day.  Remember, alcohol depletes the water in your body, so if you imbibe this holiday season, drink even more water!


Lipids perform by locking natural moisture into the skin. Lipids work best when applied soon after soaking, bathing, or showering. At this time, your skin will retain some of the moisture from the water, and a lipid-based moisturizer will provide a barrier to excessive moisture loss.

dry eyeAreas of the body should be treated differently, the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes is not the same as your legs because of tissue and fat layers that lie underneath.  Get specialized nourishing products to really focus on your problem areas.  Our favorite for the eyes and face are found here.  A great recommendation for the body is this one.

Vitamin Boost

RAO-New-Packaging-SmallStarting from the inside, out we need to provide our bodies with vitamins that will amp our skin’s ability to renew itself with protective antioxidant vitamins, and restore moisture for fewer fine lines or damaged skin.  Omega 3’s, Avocado oils and Vitamin C infuse needed nutrients into the skin allowing for radiant, glowing skin all winter long.  2-3 times a week boost the health of your skin with a night-time treatment of RAO essential oil that will help to restore much needed hydration to the skin.

3 things that destroy your skin

Did you know that skin damage can happen even in the cold winter months?  Check this out from www.skincancer.org:

“It’s easy to associate winter with frostbite and windburn, but most people are unaware that UV rays can be every bit as damaging on the slopes as on the beach,” said Perry Robins, MD, President, The Skin Cancer Foundation. “With the winter sports season ahead of us, it’s more important than ever to take proper precautions on the slopes.”

The top 3 skin destroyers you need to know about:

#1 – Free Radicals

UV exposure is the main contributor to premature aging and http://www.dermatology.com goes as far as to say this- “UV radiation is one of the major creators of free radicals. Free-radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that have only one electron instead of two. Because electrons are found in pairs, the molecule must scavenge other molecules for another electron. When the second molecule looses its electron to the first molecule, it must then find another electron repeating the process. This process can damage cell function and alter genetic material. Free radical damage causes wrinkles by activating the metalloproteinases that break down collagen (see #3). They cause cancer by changing the genetic material, RNA and DNA, of the cell.

#2 – Glycation

“When you have sugar molecules in your system, they bombard the body’s cells like a meteor ­shower—glomming onto fats and proteins in a process known as glycation. This forms advanced glycation end products (commonly shortened, appropriately, to AGEs), which cause protein fibers to become stiff and malformed…The proteins in skin most prone to glycation are the same ones that make a youthful complexion so plump and springy—collagen and elastin. When those proteins hook up with renegade sugars, they become discolored, weak, and less supple; this shows up on the skin’s surface as wrinkles, sagginess, and a loss of radiance. The presence of AGEs also makes the complexion more vulnerable to bad-news assailants such as UV light and cigarette smoke.” www.Elle.com

When dealing with glycated skin conditions, it is essential to remember that the skin needs products that have anti-inflammatory ingredients and that will hydrate the compromised cellular structure of the dermis.

# 3 – MMPS: Collagen-eating enzymes

Enzymes activated by inflammation, often caused by UV exposure, MMPs (Matrix metalloproteinases) destroys the skins support structure which leads to sagging skin, lines and wrinkles.  MMPs help to keep collagen levels in balance, without these enzymes damaged collagen and elastin would accumulate and lead to skin blemishes.


5 Winter Foods for great skin

What you put into your body will show the outside of your body!  Just as your tummy, heart and muscles need certain nutrients and vitamins to be healthy, so does the skin!

In winter it can be tough to reach for healthy foods, when if you’re anything like me, you want to reach for the comfort foods – especially when it’s cold outside!  But these 5 foods are awesome snacks if you can’t give up your grilled cheese & tomato soup for dinner (guilty!).  While you nourish your skin with these products, nourish your body with these foods.

Coffee – thank goodness for java!  And also that it’s good for your skin.  The European Journal of Cancer Prevention published a study showing that those who drank one cup of caffeinated coffee per day showed a 10% decreased risk in developing skin cancer.Coffee-Cup

Guava – the sweet, pink flesh of the guava fruit contains Lycopene which is a carotenoid that helps to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free!


Carrots – Beta carotene & lycopene are both plentiful in this colorful veggie that has shown to help shield the skin against damaging UV rays.  UV rays are still an ever present danger to your skin in the winter, even when it’s cloudy!


Spinach – chalk full of vitamins like K, C, and E this powerful leaf also has Lutein which is one of mother natures very best anti-oxidants.  Reducing the amount of free radicals on the skin is always in our best interest!


Cocoa, Green Tea & Red Wine – whoohoo!  All of these warm winter drinks contain a chemical called epicatechin.  “Epicatechin is a flavonol that is found in certain plants, such as grapes, tea, and cocoa. Research has indicated that consuming products containing high levels of epicatechin may provide many health benefits. Specifically, it is thought to reduce the likelihood of many common diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.” (Source here)  The Journal of Nutrition also claims that eipcatechin improves skin texture by promoting blood flow to the skin.  Now that’s science I can support.


Best way to apply anti-aging moisturizers

Topical products like anti-aging moisturizers and creams can help our skin to be healthier and appear more flawless and even.  Before you apply any makeup you should be helping to nourish and maintain the biggest organ in your body, the skin!200503985-001

Nature has a thing with circles – have you noticed?  “From flowers, to fruits, and even the plants of our solar system there is symmetry and circular form.”  Applying this theory to your topical skin care applications is a philosophy that Madame Spillmann began teaching her clients in Switzerland over 70 years ago.  Circular massage provides warmth and increases blood flow to the skin helping to achieve a proper pH balance, moisture and overall healthy skin.

Start by dabbing a small sized amount of product onto to the middle of the woman-applying-hand-cream-winterforehead, rubbing gently in a clockwise motion and gradually expanding the diameter of your circle until you have allowed the skin to absorb all of the product.  Next, following the clockwise circle, apply more product to the apple of your cheek, followed by the chin and next the other cheek.  Use circular massage on your neck, arms and legs as well.  Remember to gently massage the skin, pressing too hard or deep can cause redness and irritation.

Physical benefits to the skin from circular massage include:

  • Stimulation of the skin and muscles beneath the skin
  • Skin respiration improvement
  • Skin tissue can be strengthened
  • Skin tension and elasticity recovery
  • Improved blood flow to the skin
  • Natural cleansing, exfoliation of dead skin cells

5 Plants for Anti-Aging Skincare

GS Botanical Ingredients

Botanical ingredients are derived from natural, plant sources that were created by Mother Nature that we can harness for powerful, effective skincare.  Gerda Spillmann has been studying and using these natural powerhouse ingredients for over 70 years.  Utilizing the newest technology has allowed GS to continue the traditions of proven skincare and given us the opportunity to take advantage of everything nature has to provide, for beautiful, healthy and radiant skin.

All of these botanical ingredients can be found in our line of Anti-Aging skincare products.

Renaissance Pro Age – decadent 24-hour Amino Acid cream with extracts of Wild Yam, Lemon, Cucumber and Avocado

Reniassance Age Serum – silky, light weight serum works quickly to improve skin texture and repair irritated or damaged skin

Prestige Cell – advanced moisture complex will balance the skin’s pH, improve the texture of damaged skin, build and retain the skin’s hydration

NEW! Swiss Brightening Cream – Revitalize the appearance of your skin, even out skin tone, diminish age spots and promote a balanced pH.

8 botanical reasons to try the new Swiss Brightening Cream

Swiss Brightening Cream - 50ml Tube SMALL

NEW – Swiss Brightening Cream is an advanced Anti-Aging moisturizer with 8 botanical extracts that help to revitalize the appearance of your skin, even out skin tone, diminish age spots and promote a balanced pH. 

The unique concentrated ingredients of 8 Swiss plant extracts work day and night to help break the cycle of negative environmental influences and irritation that can lead to hyperpigmentation and sun damage.  The result is a more balanced, hydrated and healthy skin complexion.

Formulated with Gigawhite, a plant-derived, preservative-free skin lightener used as an alternative to hydroquinone. Gigawhite has been proven in scientific lab studies to have a significant skin brightening effect with regular topical use. It was additionally shown to reduce the color and size of age spots in a twelve week in-vivo study.

After 12 weeks of treatment a 28.6% decrease in color of the age spots was observed, while size decreased by 8.6%.

The NEW GS SWISS BRIGHTENING CREAM includes 8 Botanical Flower Extract Picture smallIngredients grown and cultivated exclusively in the alpine elevations of Switzerland: Mallow Extract, Peppermint, Primula (Cowslip), Lady’s Mantel, Speedwell Herb, Balm Mint, Yarrow and Swiss Edelweiss.    In addition to these Swiss ingredients the Brightening Cream also includes Tamarind Seed Extract, Jojoba, Avocado Fruit Extract, Sunflower Seed extract and Licorice Root.

Gigawhite skin whitening results were evaluated after 3 months (12 weeks) of continued, consistent use by visual evaluation and objective color measurement.  Substantial changes were observed after just six weeks of treatment, with scores showing a lightening of 12.2%.  After three months even more whitening is observed with a decrease in spot darkness of 24%.

Gigawhite combined with the potent power of Swiss Edelweiss (twice as effective as Tamarind-SeedsVitamin C) and Tamarind Seed Extract, the GS Swiss Brightening Cream, is a silky, powerful and lightweight cream that not only helps to visibly lighten age spots, sun damage and hyperpigmentation but also works effectively to combat premature signs of aging, sagging skin and promotes a healthy, balanced pH for glowing, younger looking skin.

Leave us a message or call us if you have questions or want to get started with your own Brightening Cream right away – 1-800-282-3223.  Visit our website at www.GerdaSpillmann.com  Or email us at Info@GSskincare.com.  You can always join us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest too.


New Year, New Skincare Resolutions

Every new year we start out with new things we want to do to better in our lives. Exercise more, eat healthier, and look younger. TV, magazines and the Internet are saturated with ways to do the first two, so what are some things we can do for our skin?


Hydration is firstly and largely the most important thing we can do for our bodies, including the skin. Did you know the skin is the largest organ of the human body? The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly about 13 cups (3 liters) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) of total beverages a day. (Read more on the Mayo Clinic’s website)

If you don’t already have one now is a great time to start a skincare regimen! Everything we do, or don’t do, for our skin now will prove itself over time. Ideally we start an regimen in our 30’s but it’s never too late! A through yet gentle cleanser, quality moisturizer with penetrating emollients and an effective anti-aging serum are critical components to your regimen. The final step is a physical sun block product that will protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays, a great one is the Bio-Fond Foundation from GS products that is also light weight foundation coverage!

If you already have a skincare regimen (way to go!), is it time to tweak it or find new balance? Over time our skin will change and transition into different skin types (oily vs combination vs dry), texture and appearance. Use this new year to enhance your regimen to find the products that will help us traverse these changes with grace and fight any pesky signs of aging skin!

Do you have something to pamper your skin a few times a week? There are dozens of DIY facial tutorials online but often these can lead to clogged pores, sticky solutions that peel your skin or unhealthy ingredients that can cause irreversible damage. Instead treat your skin with products that are formulated by professionals, tested in laboratories and have the seal of approval from doctors, dermatologists and estheticians from all over the world. GS products are Swiss made and have received the Swiss Crossbow of Excellence, a skincare company for over 70 years providing you with the best, high quality products and ingredients available.

For more information visit us at http://www.GerdaSpillmann.com, or call us at 1-800-282-3223. You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.