3 steps to your best skin

There are so many companies that make promises their products just can’t keep.  So how do you reach your skin’s most beautiful potential?  It’s really pretty easy… 3 steps easy.

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Best Eyeshadow Base for lasting color all day!

Secret Makeup Artist trick for long-lasting eye shadow and liner?   One that is good for your skin, gentle and botanical based?

Peau de Fleurs Tonic is the answer!  This Alcohol-Free toner is made with Oak Root Extract and Witch Hazel which helps to keep the skin from drying out and allows for a flawless, beautiful application of pressed or loose eye shadows.

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Step 1 – Create a base with your Bio-Fond Makeup by applying all over the eyelid.

Step 2 – Using a clean brush, gently add just 1-2 drops of Peau de Fleurs Tonic to the bristles.  Shake off any excess.

Step 3 – Gently swipe the damp bristles through pressed powder, or dip lightly into loose powder.

Step 4 – Apply the shadow to the eyelids in even motions and allow to dry.  Apply additional layer for deep, rich tones.  Follow with your favorite Bio-Blends Eyeliner pencil to complete your eye look.

*Tip: Use a thin, small brush to create an eye-popping liner in your favorite shade of eye shadow for a real wow factor!

PDF Tonic shadow

Peau de Fleurs Tonic is a wonderful addition to your skin care routine (not just your makeup routine!).  This gentle, alcohol-free tonic when used after cleansing may help to tone and tighten the skin, aids in removing of any excess oils and leaves even the most sensitive skin feeling refreshed and clean!

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Create a liquid eyeliner

eyeliner w brushEver have a day where you want to add a little punch to your eyes but don’t want to buy a special eyeliner for the occasion?  With GS products Peau de Fleurs Toner you can turn any eye shadow color into a liquid eyeliner!

This trick was shown to us by a celebrity makeup artist who uses different colors on her actors/actresses to create definition, drama and to portray a mood or effect.  It’s easy enough you can do it too!

To do this you’ll need 3 items:

  1. Peau de Fleurs Tonic
  2. Any pressed or loose eye shadow powder
  3. A thin eyeliner brush

Soak your brush tip in a little of the Peau de Fleurs Tonic. This alcohol freePDF Tonic Small toner won’t irritate your eyes and will evaporate fast leaving behind only the color you’ve applied!

Dip the end of the brush tip into the color you’ve chosen; just enough to cover the line over your eyelashes from corner to corner.

Gently swipe from the inside eye corner to the outside corner in a sweeping motion.  Leave your eye closed for a minute to allow the application to dry.  Then apply to the other eye.

This is also a great application to use with a bigger brush to create a eye-makeup eyelinerdramatic look, larger definition or to have some fun with!  When using the Peau de Fleurs Tonic you apply your color seamlessly and don’t have to worry about the color flaking or falling off since it you used a wet application.  Easy to remove with makeup remover, soap and water or Peau de Fleurs Cleansing Mousse.  Then using a cotton ball apply the Peau de Fleurs Tonic all over your face for a deep cleanse!

Peau de Fleurs Tonic is an alcohol free toner that helps to tone and tighten the skin while purifying and nourishing the skin.

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When should I start to care about skin care?

When is the perfect time to start to be concerned about skin care?  This is a great question we hear all the time.  The most basic answer is that you should always be concerned about skin care, starting very young.  Moisture content and sun block are the most important aspects to skin care throughout our lives.

Children do not need to think much about skin care unless it’s about sun block.  Please apply sun block constantly and consistently to the children in your life – just a few sunburns before the age of 18 can lead to skin cancer.   An anti-bacterial cleanser is also recommended to keep the skin clear and healthy with pre-adolescents.

In your teen years you should start using a light moisturizer twice a day to keep the skin soft, protected and hydrated.  Often times skin that is dehydrated and dry can lead to breakouts and redness, nothing a teenager wants to deal with!  A skin care regimen mantra for a 20-something should be Cleanse & Protect!

Into our 20’s is when we should start adding regimen specific products and treatments.  Including an anti-aging product with anti-oxidants is a great way to maintain healthy skin and protect against free radicals that can cause damage we may see on the skin later on.  Exfoliation is another key way to improve our appearance by removing dead skin cells and deep cleansing the pores.  Use a makeup that is non-comedogenic, protects against UVA and UVB and hydrates the skin; Bio-Fond Foundation Makeup has been doing this for almost 70 years!Skincare Kits with Quote

At age 30 we should really have a great skin care routine that includes a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and an anti-aging product.  Using a moisturizer that has rich emollients with penetrating hydration is key, this absorbs deep into the skin allowing collagen and elastin to remain healthy.  Serum and condition specific treatments are also ideal to apply to give our skin essential nutrients to continue maintaining a healthy appearance and youthful glow!  Need to get started?  Check out these skin care kits.

By age 40 our skin begins to change and our regimen should change to keep up.  Start using a moisturizer with anti-aging properties in addition to natural emollients to maintain healthy skin and help reverse any signs of aging that may have started to creep up on you.  Exfoliation 2-3 times a week, toning after cleansing and age serums should all be a part of your routine as well!

Over age 50 the key to soft, wrinkle free skin is all in the moisturizers, the protection and your genetics.  Your regimen at this age should look something like this: Cleanser, Toner, Anti-Aging Serum, moisture treatment, anti-aging moisturizer and physical sun block protection.

Gerda Spillmann Swiss Skin Care & Cosmetics has been leading the way in great skin care for almost 70 years – to get started on a skin care regimen at any age check out these skin care kits.  Still have questions?  Call our staff at 1-800-282-3223.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

If at any age you begin to have drastic skin changes, develop skin conditions (like Rosacea or Psoriasis), or feel that you need additional help you should consult an Esthetician or Dermatologist and follow their instructions.

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DIY Steps for a Hydrating Facial at Home

Has it been a long day?  A long week?  Nothing helps to soothe my winter skin (and soul) better than a facial.  How do you do this without going to the spa every week though?  Follow these steps with GS Products, things you already have at home, to DIY.

Wash the day off.  The makeup and Free-Radicals too.  Start with a gentle, non-foaming cleanser that will whisk away all the contaminants and surface bacteria from your skin.  Wash all the way to your hairline and down your neck, even behind your ears.

Do it Again.  But this time wash it with a moderate, exfoliating scrub that contains both AHA and physical exfoliation to clean your pores and remove any left behind dead skin cells.  Starting to feel better already, huh?

Go Deep.  Using a toner wasn’t just for our mothers, it is a necessary and important step that shouldn’t get skipped.  Toners help to prime the skin by deep cleaning, give us an additional level of anti-bacterial control and help moisturizers absorb deeper into the skin.  If you have sensitive skin look for one without alcohol, if you have oily or problematic skin a toner with Rose Petal Oil will help to calm and soothe the skin.

Thin like Skin.  Apply your Anti-Aging products with the lightest weight consistency first.  Products with silky, serum textures should be the closest products to your skin to help with their absorption and by following this step with a moisturizer you help to seal these potent products in giving better protection to long-lasting effects.

Lay it on Thick.  A pearl sized drop is enough to cover your face and neck with the concentrated moisturizer formulas from GS.  However, when taking the time to spoil your skin add a drop or two of the RAO Oil, apply generously, and then repeat with another moisture layer in 20 minutes.


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Here’s to looking good in 2012!  Happy New Year!

Tips for treating Oily Skin

Often times those who feel that they suffer with oily skin may be exacerbating the problem, without knowing it!

Over-washing, toning and treating is one of the most common problems among those who suffer from excessively oily glands. If your skin ever feels dry, tight, uncomfortable or irritated you are probably using the wrong products. Stripping too much oil from the skin is damaging to the epidermis, the outer layer of skin. Did you know that over-drying your skin actually sends a message to your body to produce more oil?

The best way to treat oily skin is to find products that will keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

Cleansers– Finding the right cleanser is important; you want one that will cleanse the skin, without stripping essential oils, will eliminate bacteria and free-radicals but leave the skin feeling soft and healthy. Use a cleanser that will dissolve, not strip, oil from the skin, that has nutrients to help heal the skin and one that also exfoliates is ideal. We recommend this.

Toners – Toning is often skipped and shouldn’t be.  For those with oily and problematic skin, Toners help to break up dirt, bacteria and pore clogging particles that lead to breakouts and inflammation.  Use this Toner that has BHA Salicylic Acid to break up excessive oil and Oak Root Extract that contains natural tannins to help balance the skin.

Moisturizers – It is very important to apply moisturizers, especially to oily skin.  Over time a good moisturizer will help to teach your skin that you are taking care of it and will keep it hydrated, allowing the body to back off of producing so much oil.  In the short term, moisturizers will nourish the skin, may protect the skin from environmental irritants, works to eliminate damaging free-radicals and fights fine lines and wrinkles.

Other ways to fight acne, problem skin and oily complexions including fighting them from within.  Staying hydrated with water, eating a balanced diet and exercise all contribute to your overall health, including the health of your skin.  “Vitamins B5 (pantothenic acid) and B2 have been known to help reduce excess oil production for some people. Some research even suggests that a deficiency of these vitamins could be why some people suffer from excess oil in the first place. Consider taking a good multi-vitamin with the complete B complex.” -SBI

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Why Should I use a Toner?

 A commonly skipped and misunderstood step in skin care, toner is important to achieving healthy skin. A toner cleans deeper than most cleansers and also helps to clear the pores of impurities left behind by cleansers, make-up and other topical products; things that may have trapped dirt and bacteria on the top layers of your skin.  Toners also help to balance the skin’s natural pH levels and hydrate even the driest skin types. 

Gerda Spillmann has two types of Toners – Tonic sans Alcool and Rosa Alpina.

Tonic sans Alcool is an ALCOHOL FREE Toner.  This is important because Alcohol can over-dry and irritate sensitive skin.  Instead Tonic sans Alcool is formulated with pharmaceutical grade Witch Hazel and Oak Root Extract to deep cleanse your pores and leave only fresh, clean feeling skin.

Rosa Alpina uses a delicate blend of Rose Petal Oil and Coltsfoot Extract.  Rose Petal Oil can protect skin cells from oxidative damage, a natural anti-oxidant .  Coltsfoot Extract is a soothing and healing botanical, which gives essential nutrients to the skin.

Toners can also help to create a striking eyeliner that is still good for sensitive skin.  Dab your thin, eyeliner brush into Tonic sans Alcool and then into your favorite eyeshadow powder.  Holding your eyelid taught, draw a line as close to the lashes as you can.  Allow to set for just a few seconds and then you have a custom eyeliner look that will last all day!