Bio-Blends Palettes with NEW Mini Bio-Fond Makeup Pans

A few months ago we released the new Bio-Blends Makeup Artist Palettes – and you loved them!  But you asked for one more thing… Mini-Pan sizes!

We are so excited to let you know we have them now!  These Bio-Fond Mini-Pan’s have 3 grams of Bio-Fond Makeup and are the perfect size for concealers & blush!

bbp minipans

Mini-Pans pictures above, along the left edge: (top) Lilac, (middle) Highlighter, (bottom) Bio-Blush. 

Three Mini-pans fit snugly along the edge, between your full size Bio-Fond Makeup Pans and the edge of the magnetic palette case.  Ideal for the colors you use less of but that are still so important for your clients – Concealers, Bio-Blush, Bronzers.

The Bio-Blends Makeup Artist Palettes are a Professional Only product.  Please call us at 1-800-282-3223 to order yours.


Use Galvanic technology to help fight aging

The New Bio-Blends Galvanic Wand provides positive galvanic current technology in a compact, convenient, ergonomic design for use at home.  This new handheld technology is available with multiple frequencies giving the user control to choose the setting best for individual skin types.  The wand also comes with a storage unit to keep your Bio-Blends Galvanic Wand upright, clean and easily stored.

Galvanic Current technology can make a substantial difference in the appearance and health of the skin by utilizing positive galvanic waves to help skin cells increase absorption.  After the skin is fully cleansed and an Anti-Aging product has been applied, use the Galvanic Wand to increase levels of moisture and nutrition from topical products, giving increased, immediate and long-term performance.  The positive current allows the nutrients to be pushed deeper in to the dermis the second layer of skin, to promote healthy growth of cells, keeping the skins appearance healthy even after the epidermis, or top layers, have died and been exfoliated away.  When more moisture is received the skin cells are healthier and are able to help prevent the decrease in collagen and elastin, which gives elasticity to the skin allowing for a youthful, wrinkle-free appearance.

The Bio-Blends Galvanic Wand, offered by Gerda Spillmann, is a must have product for anyone interested in keeping or restoring the skin in a naturally youthful state, in both appearance and texture.

Previously, such treatments required a visit to an Aesthetician, Health Spa or Dermatologist.  Now clients can reduce the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness between appointments helping to maintain a healthy, youthful, vibrant appearance by using the Bio-Blends Galvanic Wand.